Bomanite April Newsletter 2019

Bomanite is pleased to present the Annual Decorative Concrete Project Award winners! The Bomanite Company held their Annual Conference in Denver, CO March of this year, where winners of the Bomanite Annual Awards Program were announced at the Annual Banquet Dinner.

Bomanite Licensee Harrington Bomanite Corp. located in Massachusetts received the Bomanite Outstanding Project Grand Award as well as the Best Imprint Systems Gold Award for their winning ideas at the Castaway Island – Canobie Lake Park. The Tidal River project addition of 45,000 sq. ft. was completed with the Bomanite Imprint systems with over 9 color hardeners, 4 Release Agents and 4 different patterns. The detail and work showcased vast talent and design to be able to incorporate a drainage system in the 2 plus acre site that satisfied state and local environmental concerns. The meandering brook concept of stamped concrete stole the show….