Bomanite Newsletter : Brownwood Paddock Square

Paddock Square, a town square where residents congregate for nightly entertainment with
plenty of food and retail opportunities, features water towers, silos, barn and log-cabin
structures. The style is designed back to an era when cowboys drove cattle through the state. Bomanite Licensee, Edwards Concrete Company took the ideas of the architect, Michael Pape & Associates, and made them come alive with their talented crew of concrete artist and even added a few of their own designs to make the theme really stand out and create a WOW factor.

At Paddock Square, Edwards Concrete placed integrally colored concrete in an earthy brown shade. Bomanite Color Hardeners and Release Agents were utilized with the Dried Earth Texture stamp to provide an illusion of sun-baked mud and dirt.

The sidewalks to the entrance of Brownwood at Paddock Square had to be poured while
overhead cranes set the Bronze statues in place. Once the cows, horse and dog were in place the Edwards crew had to pour concrete up to and around the animal feet then stamped the concrete to make it look like the animals were traveling through an old west town on a dried cracked mud path. The cow and horse stamps had to be made to match the size of the animals and scale of the statues. Creative stamping techniques were utilized, for horseshoes, “cowboy” footprints and tracks of wagon wheels. Installers strapped horse stamps onto their own feet and even hired a dog to strut across the wet concrete. The Bomacron Dried Earth Texture imprinting tool from Bomanite was employed to weather the faux dirt.

Bomanite has a commanding selection of imprinting tools to select from. Bomanite molds are developed from natural products such as stone or wood as well as unconventional surfaces such as metal or plastic. Images,logos, borders and highly custom textures are all part of the Bomanite offering. Bomanite products have been engineered to produce highly architectural imprinted concrete with long lasting results. The Bomanite fl agship coloring product used with our Imprint Systems, Bomanite Color Hardener, has been time proven over decades of installations in all climates. With a wide product offering, Bomanite Imprint Systems are a single source for all your concrete coloring and texturing needs.

The Bomanite Imprint Systems are applied by specially trained and licensed Bomanite Contractors, ensuring consistent quality in every application. Every Bomanite Licensed Contractor is part of a network of architectural concrete experts – professionals who receive ongoing technical training to ensure that your project is completed on time,
on budget, and beyond your expectations. To  find your local certified expert near you,



Project Name: Paddock Square and Cow Path Entrance
Location: The Villages, FL
Project Designer: Michael Pape & Associates
Completed: October 2012
Sq. Ft: 28,000
Bomanite System:
Imprint System
– Dried Earth Texture
– Animal Prints
– Color Hardener and Release Agent
Bomanite Licensed Contractor:
Edwards Concrete Bomanite
880 Carter Road
Winter Garden, FL 34787
TEL: 407-656-2139
FAX: 407-877-2593