Bomanite Newsletter : Partyka Chevrolet / Mazda Dealership

Bomanite Modena Monolithic is a cementitious interior bonded floor topping mix that is blended with selected decorative aggregates using traditional ready mix concrete equipment, then placed and trowel finished. Once fully cured Bomanite Modena Monolithic is ground to expose the aggregates and polished to the desired gloss level. Bomanite Modena Monolithic is installed over concrete in a wet on wet process the same day the concrete slab is poured. Cove base and stair components are generally pre-cast and finished to match. Bomanite Modena Monolithic is engineered to work best with aggregates such as granite, glass, marble, porcelain, etc. that range from 1/4” to 3/4” in size. Unlike comparable terrazzo flooring, Bomanite Modena Monolithic is designed specifically to be polished with an aggregate gradation similar to that of concrete. Bomanite Modena Monolithic is integrally colored in a wide range of options and may be seeded with additional aggregate when creating highly unique floors.

Bomanite Modena Monolithic is generally installed at a 3/4” to 1 1/2” thickness dependent upon the size of aggregate with thicker section thickness possible for select applications. Bomanite Modena Monolithic may be lightly walked on 24 hours after placement, with grinding and polishing generally taking place after three days or longer of cure time. Testing of moisture drive and assessment of the concrete integrity prior to the installation of Bomanite Modena Monolithic is a necessity. Due its unique concrete like proprieties Bomanite Modena Monolithic can be hard troweled and paste polished if desired.

For applications over existing concrete where aggregate less than 1/8” in size and rapid
installation is desired consult the Bomanite Modena SL Technical Bulletin. For applications over existing concrete where aggregate larger than 1/8” in size and/or the ability to surface seed aggregates is desired, consult the Bomanite Modena TG Technical Bulletin. As with all Bomanite Systems, Bomanite Modena Monolithic mix designs, associated products and application procedures are available only to Bomanite Licensed contractors.

The Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems are applied by specially trained and licensed Bomanite Contractors, ensuring consistent quality in every application. Every Bomanite Licensed Contractor is part of a network of architectural concrete experts – professionals who receive ongoing technical training to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations. To  find your local certified expert near you, visit



Project Name: Partyka Chevrolet / Mazda Dealership
Location: Hamden, CT
Completed: May 2012
Sq. Ft: 6,000
Bomanite System:
Custom Polishing Systems
– Modena Monolithic
– Blend of Exotic Glass and
Basalt Aggregates
Bomanite Licensed Contractor:
Premier Concrete Construction, LLC
614 Gibbons Highway
Wilton, NH 03086
TEL: 603-654-2471
FAX: 603-654-2306