Bomanite Newsletter : Valley Fair Mall Renovation

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Architectural Concrete & Design (ACD), based out of Draper
Utah, was approached by the Valley Fair Mall Management team to design a topping system to go directly over their existing tile without any demolition. ACD, with the help of  the Bomanite Company’s Director of Technical Services, Terry Grimble, determined and designed the best system to use.  The work was to be performed at night once the stores were closed for the evening. Since the stores were to remain open during the construction stages, the fast drying Bomanite Thin-Set was chosen. This cost effective system saved the mall management team money by not having to remove the existing tile and also keeping the mall open during the process.

The new design called for a variety of concrete stamp patterns, colors and streetlights that would transform the mundane walkway into an interesting, winding streetscape.  throughout the concourse, the Bomacron Basketweave Used Brick pattern integrally colored with Bomanite Brick Red and the Bomacron Random Slate pattern in Shale Gray covers much of the way. For visual breaks, the Bomacron 8-inch English Slate Texture border in Sand is straight in places and free- flowing in others. For even more variety, the Bomacron 12-inch Boardwalk pattern in Sonora Tan graces the mall’s roundabout and accents selected areas.

Bomanite  Thin-Set, a specially formulated polymer-modified topping mix that can be imprinted, and produce a decorative paving  finish similar to Bomanite and Bomacron imprinted concrete, will bond to any stable, structurally sound substrate. Bomanite Thin-Set is also compatible with Bomanite Chemical Stain, Bomanite Topical Stain and Bomanite Con-Color to provide the antiquing look and feel of real stone, brick or wood. It typically is installed 3/8-inch thick and can be feathered to a zero edge. Using Bomanite Thin-Set is an extremely effective alternative to demolishing an existing substrate, as it can be exposed to traffic quickly due to his high compressive strength — which was a priority for the Valley Fair Mall Project.

The Bomanite Toppings Systems are applied by specially trained and licensed Bomanite Contractors, ensuring consistent quality in every application. Every Bomanite Licensed Contractor is part of a network of architectural concrete experts – professionals who receive ongoing technical training to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations. To  find your local certified expert near you, visit



Project Name: Valley Fair Mall
Location: West Valley City, UT
Completed: September 2012
Sq. Ft: 70,000
Nature of Business: Renovate Existing Tile Floor
Bomanite Topping System:
Thin-Set by Bomanite
– Bomacron Patterns; Random Slate,
Basketweave Used Brick, Boardwalk,
English Slate Texture
– Bomanite Thin-Set II Stampable
Overlay System, Bomanite XP
Primer 100 FC, Bomanite Florthane
WB Gloss, Bomanite Integral Color,
Bomanite Release Agents
Bomanite Licensed Contractor:
Architectural Concrete & Design
932 Kasey Circle
Draper, UT 84020
TEL: 801-576-8871
FAX: 801-576-8892