Canobie Lake Park Featured in New England Construction Magazine

Big Ticket

after more than 117 years, Canobie Lake Park keeps looking ahead with long-lasting Bomanite

By Sean O’Keefe

An adage says if you want something done right then do it yourself. The idea of doing nearly anything yourself these days probably seems antiquated. However, despite today’s tech-connected, hyper integrated world, true visionaries and craftsmen still often really can’t imagine doing it any other way. Such is the case at Canobie Lake Park, a hand-built amusement park located on the shore of Canobie Lake in Salem, New Hampshire that first opened to the public in 1902. Founded as a trolley park, the original visitor experience featured botanical gardens, a penny arcade, and a few early amusement rides. In 1936 to the delight of visitors, the park’s second owner installed a new wooden roller coaster named the Yankee Cannonball; a ride that still draws crowds 83 years later. In 1958, Canobie Lake Park was purchased by three close friends from New Jersey who decided to take on the challenge of renovating and revitalizing it themselves.

The 2018 addition Harrington Bomanite completed for Canobie Lake Park was Tidal River, a 45,000-SF lazy river with waves, circling the park’s grandest water feature, Castaway Island. Only one of three tidal rivers ever created, after entering a zero-entry wave pool guests loop around the tranquil island oasis propelled by waves that form every ten seconds. In addition to the river, the expansion included adding a new kiddie pool and significantly enlarging the pool deck facing Castaway Island… READ MORE