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Bomanite Decorative Concrete Contractors Give Back to the Community

Bomanite Cares across the U.S.A., Bomanite licensed decorative concrete contractors make a difference in their communities

Humanitarian, hero, and three-time heavyweight champion of the world, Mohammed Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Revered for his accomplishments in the ring and beloved the world over for his sharp wit and big heart outside of it, Ali’s legacy is that of The People’s Champion. David Edwards also enjoys a challenge and relishes the chance to give back. As the co-owner of Edwards Concrete Bomanite in Winter Garden, Florida, Edwards has been in the concrete business for more than 40 years. His firm specializes in decorative concrete applications and between the heat and humidity and Florida’s frequently difficult soil conditions, every job his firm does seems to have a few challenges.

“We do stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, polished, colored, and stained concrete,” says Edwards, who has been a Bomanite licensed contractor since 1989. His team of approximately 25 has been devising decorative concrete solutions across central Florida for four decades in service to theme parks, commercial contractors, and public institutions of all sorts and scales. “We don’t shy away from difficult jobs, and while I wear a lot of hats, I enjoy getting into the design side of the work quite a bit.”

When the COVID-19 shattered the world’s sense of normality in early 2020, Edwards was inspired to make a meaningful contribution to his community and quickly harnessed his team’s talents to put a little happiness in the lives of others. “My wife and I grew up in Ocoee, Florida and have lived here our whole lives,” says Edwards. “When the pandemic hit, we wanted to do something for the local health care workers who were putting their lives on the line for people in this community.” Edwards first approached Mayor Rusty Johnson about a charitable giving project he had in mind for the Orlando Health – Central Hospital in Ocoee, Fl. Once the seed was planted, Edwards and his team quickly conceived of a way to enliven the building’s entrance with a decorative token of esteem. In a group effort, Edwards secured material donations from his long-time local suppliers of ready-mix concrete, lumber, and metalwork to assemble the resources required.

The result is a beautiful patio garden next to the building’s staff entrance where health care workers can catch a moment of reprieve from the rigors within. A bold blue heart of Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Concrete in a glass finish is surrounded by blocks of Portland cement seeded with mother of pearl flakes and white chip granite. Strips of artificial turf segment the concrete sections to make the whole patio a refreshing pop of vibrant color that offers a warm welcome and a calm, quiet respite to the hospital’s healthcare workers. “We absolutely appreciate the healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic,” says Edwards with genuine satisfaction. “This resting area was meant to help them replenish themselves amid the stress and challenges of their jobs. We were fortunate to be considered an essential service in the early stages of the pandemic and wanted to show our support for the healthcare workers and our community.”

Tyler Balch is a second-generation owner of Texas Bomanite in Dallas. “Since the firm was founded in 1987, one of our core beliefs has been giving back to the community we serve,” says Balch of the firm’s operational foundation. Texas Bomanite employs close to 100 people and completes commercial architectural concrete projects across most of Texas from offices in Dallas and Austin. When the firm was approached about a small but significant polished concrete project for The American Fallen Soldiers Project in Addison, Texas, Balch knew immediately that their cause was worthy of charitable consideration.

A 501c3 non-profit organization, The American Fallen Soldiers Project honors and memorializes American military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice with an original, hand-painted portrait of the fallen that is presented to their family. The brainchild of artist Phil Taylor, each portrait is undertaken to provide Gold Star Families with a small token of comfort and compassion in their time of loss. When the organization leased a new office and gallery space in a suburban office park and inquired about a polished concrete floor, Texas Bomanite decided to do it at a discount. “They wanted a polished concrete floor with a black orchid dye to give the space a very high-end, museum-quality feel,” shares Balch of the scope of work. “Because of the condition of the existing concrete slab, the work involved a lot of patching and grinding to prep the floor to be polished. We felt this was a cause we would be proud to get behind, so we donated time and materials equal to about 28 percent of the total cost. With Bomanite you are getting the best of the best, so making this an affordable option for a very worthy recipient made everyone involved feel fantastic.”

In Aurora, Colorado Bomanite licensed contractor, Colorado Hardscapes, supported a feel-good project of a different sort. Founded in 1947, Colorado Hardscapes has been Front Range Colorado’s premier decorative concrete contractors since the industry’s inception. When they learned of a local effort by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to build a sensory garden and playground for a local 7-year-old boy, Colorado Hardscapes jumped on board.
“The City of Aurora teamed up with the Make a Wish Foundation and a whole host of others to develop a fully-accessible playground with a sensory focus at Red-Tailed Hawk Park near the child’s home. We knew right away this was something we wanted to be a part of,” says Project Manager, Christy Bol. The child’s wish of wishes was simply to go to the park to play and laugh with other children and making that dream come true was a joy and honor for all involved.

The 8,000 SF site features a sensory wall composed of a tactile composition of shapes, textures, and colors, a wavy walk that undulates like a roller coaster, and swings, spinners, and slides of several sorts. A Bomanite Topping Systems – Micro-Top XT was used to make the sensory wall pop with color, while a Bomanite imprint texture mat added a high-touch surface to the rising wall. Bomanite Con-Color was also used to stain the concrete to add swooshes of whimsical flair to flatwork surfaces.“We donated the materials and labor to do  the wavy walk and stained concrete design throughout the park and did the vibrant, textured seat wall at cost,” says Bol. “We were also able to secure a donation from our concrete supplier, Aggregate Industries, for all of the concrete we installed.” Beyond the giving back, Bol shares that the project called upon Colorado Hardscapes’ artistic capacities. “There was only a sketch to start with, so our team got to be creative in conceptualizing the parts and pieces of this one-of-a-kind sensory wall.”

From functional to fantastic, these projects explore the many interesting and innovative possibilities in the world of decorative concrete while illuminating a common bond between Bomanite’s nation-wide network of licensed contractors. “From our perspective, we feel like we have been blessed to be a part of this great community-enhancing project,” finishes Bol. “Charitable giving is a great way to give back and show our commitment to the people and places our projects serve in a long-lasting, meaningful way.”

Written By Sean O’Keefe

Musselman & Hall Contractors win award for sophisticated Bomanite Micro-Top Elmwood Restaurant Floor

Elmwood is a modern American restaurant founded by, Adam Altnether and Chris Kelling, inspired by their respective St. Louis and California roots, with influences from abroad. The restaurant boasts an open-yet-closed kitchen, a charcoal-burning grill, and the only charcoal-fueled oven in the United States. The menu highlights classic midwestern dishes inflected with global flavors and is complemented by a wine program proudly focused on California vintners, with a selection of offerings from international winemakers.

When Adam and Chris collaborated and decided that their new “live fire” restaurant in Maplewood would have some unusual aesthetic touches, they knew they both wanted to be in the mix of the design and construction phases. They contacted Architect Kyle Nottmeier to help fuel their vision and create an environment that looked like nothing else; exposed beams, artisanal pieces, neon signs, soft concrete floors, metal, brick and tiled walls.

The architect contacted Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC about flooring options for the restaurant space, given the challenges it presented they needed a contractor with full expertise in commercial renovations. The space had both wood framed floors as well as concrete decking with everything covering it from terrazzo to tile underlayment. After reviewing product samples and colors presented by Musselman & Hall Contractors, it was determined the best option would be the Bomanite Toppings Systems Micro-Top.

Bomanite Micro-Top uses cutting edge technology, that tenaciously bonds to virtually any substrate. It can be applied with a squeegee or troweled onto the surface at a thickness of approximately 20 mils. With the condition of the Elmwood Restaurant floor, Bomanite Micro-Top was perfect for renovating the multiple floor surfaces. Once awarded the project, Musselman & Hall Contractors began working directly with the owners as they were self-performing some of the construction and serving as the construction managers during the renovations.

Knowing that the floor demanded a substantial amount of preparation before the Bomanite Micro-Top could be placed, Musselman & Hall Contractors chose to place a layer of wire lathe over the areas of wood framed flooring, then covered the lathe with Bomanite Repair Mortar. They also used the Bomanite Repair Mortar to level and patch over the remaining area after grinding the surface with 25 grit diamonds. The floor was in such poor condition, the owners were excited just to see the prepped and primed floor without even one coat of Bomanite Micro-Top placed.

Once the surface prep was finally completed, the first base coat of Bomanite Micro-Top (white base) with a Bomanite Shale Gray tint was placed. The surface was primed with Bomanite XP Primer for the first base coat and primed using Bomanite Micro-Top liquid diluted for each following coat. Each base coat was sanded and then thoroughly cleaned. The finish coat was applied with steel trowels to provide some character in the floor. The idea was to emulate the look of a hard-troweled concrete floor. The effect turned out perfectly, pleasing the owners and architect.

The Bomanite Micro-Top floor along with the vertical areas at the entry ramp and stairs were given a final seal with two coats of Bomanite XP Primer FC and then two coats of Bomanite Natural Beauty floor finish. The transition of the floor astounded the other contractors and the owners. Musselman & Hall Contractors helped transition this neighborhood restaurant with Bomanite Decorative Concrete, providing a place for private conversation, relaxation and authentically creative food.

With Bomanite Micro-Top, a wide range of colors can be applied to create uniformity or blended to create variegation in the finish. Bomanite Micro-Top can reduce costly forming and coloring in outdoor treatments. Limitless color combinations and graphic designs can be used to transform damaged existing concrete or other materials into cementitious art forms, without affecting surrounding materials and fixtures. Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC won the 2018 Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project Bronze Award for their thoroughness and expertise with renovations of commercial interior flooring.

First Texas Honda Installs Bomanite Systems

To meet specific flooring design requirements throughout the building, Licensee Texas Bomanite, worked with project designer Architect’s Inc. in the initial design phase for First Texas Honda. The result ended with four different flooring systems to accommodate the long-standing dealerships future expansion. Founded in 1964 as Continental Cars, First Texas Honda is a part of family-owned and operated Continental Automotive Group in Austin. In late 2012, they completed a state-of-the-art renovation to the Steck Avenue showroom making it the largest Honda dealership in the world at over 140,000 square feet.

Texas Bomanite installed 95,665 square feet of Bomanite Custom diamond polished concrete flooring in the service areas and service drive. The finishes ranged from 800 grit to 100 grit. In the showroom area and service building, 37,150 square feet of custom colored Bomanite Micro-Top was installed with over 40,000 linear feet of decorative scoring. The highlight of the showroom was the Honda logo. 270 square feet of the front entry features the Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate system, and the front entry walks and bridge deck features over 7,515 square feet of the Bomanite’s Sandscape Exposed Aggregate system.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate System – Sandscape Texture
Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is designed for outdoor applications where an alternate to a conventional concrete finish is required. Utilizing specialized mix designs, additives, topical treatments and advanced application procedures, Bomanite Sandscape Texture resembles sand blasted concrete. First Texas Honda chose Sandscape Texture for the exterior walkways for its durability in all-weather situations, slip resistance for pedestrians and durability for car parking.










Bomanite Toppings System – Broadcast Aggregate
The Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate System is a multi-layered architectural and protective flooring system with a non-skid decorative surface. Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate uses a multitude of surface seeded fine aggregates such as colored quartz, silica carbide or other hard minerals that create a highly durable, minimal maintenance surface which is easy to clean and maintain in a wide variety of environments including the First Texas Honda entry way that was custom colored to complement the recognizable Honda Blue.










Bomanite Toppings Systems – Micro-Top
The Bomanite Micro-Top system utilizes a troweled-on cementitious topping that tenaciously bonds to virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic or asphalt. Micro-Top can be installed as interior flooring, spotted as accent areas, continued up a wall, traversed up the side of a building or applied directly to a street section or used for logo creation. Micro-Top offers the unique ability to cover a variety of surfaces with a wide range of colors and graphics, while also providing a cost-effective method to achieve multiple colors without the excessive costs associated with elaborate forming and design work, making it the perfect selection for the Honda Logo and continuation of the Honda brand throughout the showroom and customer service areas.



















Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems – VitraFlor
VitraFlor utilizes select un-colored concrete that is placed and finished to standards required for decorative polished concrete flooring. The concrete is ground to expose the desired amount of aggregate, then polished to the required gloss level and treated with a Bomanite stain resist. The primary benefit to Bomanite VitraFlor is the simplicity of installation, durability and low maintenance of the finished floor. With no topical dyes or products utilized to color the concrete, this makes Bomanite VitraFlor cost effective in comparison to other more labor and product intensive systems and an easy choice for First Texas Honda Service Bay areas.

City Beach Recreation and Event Center Colorful Graphic Displays

City Beach is the Bay Area’s one-of-a-kind family recreation, sports and corporate event center. This large urban activity center can host up to 1,500 guests and needed flooring that could withstand the pedestrian traffic while providing a fun graphical motif. Bomanite Licensee, Bay Area Concretes, Inc. worked with COO, Michael Riter in choosing a Bomanite system and color scheme to fit with the atmosphere of this lively family friendly facility. Bomanite Micro-Top was chosen for it’s durability and wide color selections.

Bay Area Concretes installed 6,000 sq. ft. of Bomanite Micro-Top starting with creating a colorful “Sunshine” Graphic” at the City Beach entryway. Multiple Micro-Top colors were used along with an overall wash of Bomanite Chemical Stain in Auburn and Pine.

City Beach wanted an eye-catching human checkerboard element for their entertainment hub. Custom Micro-Top colors were used to create the large game board on the floor, providing fun for all.

The City Beach Restaurant also received a playful floor that included an extensive sawcut scheme and custom color blend.

Bomanite Micro-Top makes a bold statement of individual style and personality. Micro-Top provides a durable, colorfast, high-strength graphic splash to any project, making City Beach a one-of-a kind event center. Visit City Beach website to learn more about the activities available or to plan an event.