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Bomanite 2022 Annual Awards to Decorative Concrete Craftsmen

An air of anticipation filled the room at the Bomanite Annual Awards for 2022 Bomanite Decorative Concrete Projects, held last week in Houston, TX.  The Bomanite Licensee concrete craftsmen and artisans gather annually to learn hands on new trade techniques, new Bomanite products, business strategies, and exchange ideas and tips with Bomanite Licensees from everywhere.  However, the culmination of all that hard work, camaraderie, and new knowledge is the awards presentations.

With a vast knowledge and years of experience, these Bomanite Concrete Craftsmen define decorative concrete.  Strong.  Durable.  Artistic.  Creative.  Bomanite Licensees work on anywhere from multimillion-dollar commercial projects to affordable residential housing, new builds, and improvements, and everything in between.

Musselman and Hall installed Bomanite Revealed at Omaha Riverfront Revitalization project in Omaha, NE, garnering the GRAND AWARD at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.Musselman and Hall Contractors, LLC received the 2022 GRAND AWARD for Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project for their exceptionally challenging project at the Omaha Riverfront Revitalization in Omaha, NE.  The daunting challenge for this project was the degree of difficulty using our Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems and 8,200 SF of Bomanite Revealed bonded overlay over existing walls and stairs to reconstruct three urban parks along the riverfront.  Dan Kroesen of Musselman and Hall Contractors said, “This project challenged us to think and work creatively to build a project we take great pride in.”

Musselman and Hall installed Bomanite Renaissance at the MCPL Green Hills project in Kansas City, MO, capturing the Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.Musselman and Hall Contractors, LLC also captured the 2022 Gold Award for Best Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems Project for MCPL Green Hills located in Kansas City, MO.  They exceed the goal of this project which was to create a seamless design between the interior Cafe and the outdoor patio.  That concept ultimately resulted in a cast-in-place bench that is bisected by a glass curtain wall separating the Café from the exterior patio.  Using Bomanite Renaissance, with deep grind, they placed and polished 2,200 SF of flooring in the Library Café and installed an 1,800 SF patio outside to match the aesthetics of the interior flooring.

Musselman and Hall installed Bomanite Sandscape® Texture with Sandblasting at Rolla University Drive Realignment in Rolla, MO, gets the Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.And to top off their trifecta of awards, Musselman and Hall Contractors, LLC received the 2022 Gold Award for Best Bomanite Specialty Project for Rolla University Drive Realignment in Rolla, MO.  Using Bomanite Sandscape® Texture they constructed a large 15,000 SF oblong roundabout decorative concrete island.  They then created a 15” hexagon template to Sandblast the color hardener from the surface in a very specific pattern.  The Sandblasting alone took two weeks and required a high level of detail and workmanship to Sandblast the linear hexagon pattern around an oblong roundabout without misalignment of ending and stopping points.

Heritage Bomanite installed Bomanite Patène Artectura at NX Restaurant in Fresno, CA, taking home the Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.Heritage Bomanite took home the 2022 Gold Award for Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project for NX Restaurant in Fresno, CA.  Utilizing the Bomanite Patène Artectura System, they created very intricate interior flooring consisting of 2,865 SF of custom color and brass terrazzo strips installed with incredible accuracy to make them look like continuous lengths.  Polishing was completed once an artist had applied the concrete stain to create the ocean effect of waves lapping onto a sandy beach.

Carolina Bomanite installed Bomanite Imprint Systems at Wilson Center for Nature at Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC, earned the Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.Carolina Bomanite Corporation earned the 2022 Gold Award for Best Bomanite Imprint Systems Project for Wilson Center for Nature at Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC.  This popular tourist destination is located about halfway up Grandfather Mountain and the project doubled the size of the original Nature Museum.  The installation began in the early spring and was on a tight schedule for completion before the tourist season beginning in early summer.  The crew often encountered fog, sleet, snow, freezing rain and bright sunshine all in the same day.  The pattern chosen was Slate Texture and the project also highlights Custom Patterns of Deer, Racoon, Bear, Eagle, and Turkey Prints.

We’d like to thank all the Bomanite licensed contractors who submitted entries for this year’s award contest.  The Bomanite Decorative Concrete Annual Project Awards has been a tradition for more than 50 years for Bomanite Licensed Contractors to submit their outstanding projects.  Bomanite Licensees compete among the best of the best to be recognized for their hard work and creative talents.  The winners are announced at the Bomanite Annual Conference, held in various cities from year to year.  This is a taste of artwork and craftsmanship in the decorative concrete market that can only be achieved by the Bomanite Licensee network of decorative concrete craftsmen.  Additional awards were given for Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention categories.

2022 List of Bomanite Award Winners

Bomanite Imprint Systems

  • BRONZE: Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. – TTC Lemley Phase III Entry Package – Oklahoma – Bomacron Pattern: 6” x 6” Granite Setts
  • SILVER: Concrete Arts – Private Residence – Wisconsin – Bomacron Pattern: Step Faces: Custom Form Liner; Flat Areas: Regular Slate
  • GOLD: Carolina Bomanite Corporation – Wilson Center for Nature at Grandfather Mountain – North Carolina – Bomacron Pattern: Slate Texture,
    Custom – Deer, Racoon, Bear, Eagle, and Turkey Prints


Bomanite Toppings Systems

  • BRONZE: Jeffco Concrete Contractors, Inc. – Pelham High School – Alabama – Bomanite Toppings Systems – Micro-Top
  • SILVER: Heritage Bomanite – Private Residence – California – Bomanite Toppings Systems – Micro-Top
  • GOLD: Heritage Bomanite – NX Restaurant – California – Bomanite Patène Artectura Systems

Bomanite Specialty Project

  • BRONZE: Heritage Bomanite – Clovis Community Hospital Bedtower Fountain – California – Bomanite Specialty Project – Specialty Walls
  • SILVER: Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc. – Behind Bars – Nebraska– Bomanite Specialty Project – System: Micro-Top
  • GOLD: Musselman & Hall Contractors – Rolla University Drive Realignment – Missouri – Bomanite Specialty Project – Bomanite Sandscape with Sandblast


Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Texas Bomanite – The Epic Phase II – Texas – Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems – Patène Teres
  • BRONZE: Texas Bomanite – Hines at the Stack – Texas – Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems – Patène Teres, VitraFlor
  • SILVER: Premier Concrete Construction, LLC – 100 Forge – Massachusetts – Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems – Modena TGE
  • GOLD: Musselman & Hall Contractors – MCPL Green Hills – Missouri – Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems – Renaissance


Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Connecticut Bomanite Systems – Chamberlain Elementary School – Connecticut – Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems – Sandscape
  • BRONZE: Colorado Hardscapes — Lone Rock Retreat – Colorado – Bomanite Exposed Aggregates Systems – Sandscape
  • SILVER: Colorado Hardscapes – Republic Plaza – Colorado – Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems – Sandscape Refined
  • GRAND AWARD:  Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC – Omaha Riverfront Revitalization – Nebraska – Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems – Revealed


Connecticut Bomanite Beautifies Downtown Danbury Transit

Sidewalks featuring Medium Ashlar Slate and Soldier Course Belgian Block patterns decorative concrete Bomanite Imprint Systems.Danbury, CT, has embraced the vision of TOD, Transit-Oriented Development, to help revitalize downtown Danbury.  At the key of their TOD vision is a plan for higher density compact urban development that features walkable, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and sidewalks, within a 10-minute walk of the train station and, connecting various modes of transit, jobs, housing, services, and amenities.  The streetscapes and sidewalks play a major role in attracting investment, new businesses, and employees to Downtown Danbury.  Whether an area is walkable depends on the physical condition of the space accessible to pedestrians as well as the perception of the physical space and its attractiveness to those who do and could utilize it.  The previous existing streetscape improvements were constructed in 1993 and in need of replacement, as evidenced by this Google Street View picture below from 2018.Google Maps Street View Danbury, CT, Downtown sidewalks July 2018.  The city selected Colonna Concrete & Asphalt Paving, LLC as the main contractor, and Connecticut Bomanite Systems was chosen to install the decorative concrete sidewalks for the roughly $12 million project.


Decorative Concrete Creates an Architectural Artistic Aesthetic

Sidewalks featuring Medium Ashlar Slate and Soldier Course Belgian Block patterns decorative concrete Bomanite Imprint Systems.Connecticut Bomanite, working with the City of Danbury, CT, installed the Bomanite Imprint Systems and chose the Medium Ashlar Slate pattern and the Soldier Course Belgian Block pattern.  They were the perfect choices in order to meet the project objective of making the downtown more pedestrian-friendly and appealing to shoppers, diners, and developers.  Instead of the higher cost of installing natural paving materials such as slate or granite, Bomanite Imprint Systems has been used in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and municipal applications to upgrade plain concrete or asphalt.  Bomanite Imprint Systems, the original cast-in-place, colored and imprinted architectural concrete paving, offers unmatched durability to withstand the toughest traffic loads and harshest environmental conditions.

Pick A Pattern, Pick A Color, Bring Your Own

Sidewalks featuring Medium Ashlar Slate and Soldier Course Belgian Block patterns decorative concrete Bomanite Imprint Systems.


For over five decades, Bomanite Imprint Systems have offered design professionals and homeowners a virtually limitless palette of patterns, textures, and colors – at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials. Bomanite Imprint Systems gives you more than 400 distinct patterns and associated textures with a wide variety of standard and custom coloring options. You can choose from many natural textures including slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone and used brick. For decorative concrete architectural paving, accept no substitutes.

Sidewalks featuring Medium Ashlar Slate and Soldier Course Belgian Block patterns decorative concrete Bomanite Imprint Systems.



Bomanite molds are developed from natural products such as stone or wood as well as unconventional surfaces such as metal or plastic or whatever your imagination may bring to the table.  Images, logos, borders and highly custom textures are all part of the Bomanite offering.  Bomacron patterns are a textured version of the original Bomanite patterns. This product is cast-in-place, colored and imprinted, plus it provides added dimension of texture and relief between the joint lines (shallow joint configurations).


Award Winning Decorative Concrete

Sidewalks featuring Medium Ashlar Slate and Soldier Course Belgian Block patterns decorative concrete Bomanite Imprint Systems.Connecticut Bomanite Systems has an unsurpassed reputation of meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations.  They deliver projects on time, under budget, and according to specs.  For this project they received the 2021 Bronze Award for Best Bomanite Imprint Systems Project.  In a post-COVID world, this sidewalk “refresh” is exactly what the merchants and citizens of Downtown Danbury needed to provide an environment where the arts, culture, commerce, and excitement can thrive.  It helps create the necessary ambience for Danbury’s citizens and visitors to enjoy now and into the decades ahead.

Beyond Concrete installs Award Winning Bomanite Alloy Street Design for Two World Trade Center

Bomanite Licensee, Beyond Concrete, was called upon to help with the Landscape Architects street design for the new World Trade Center Tower Two. The plan called for a street design with sitting area located between the two towers, connecting the next to be constructed Tower Two, and the newly finished Tower One.

Being that this project was the World Trade Center rebuild security was top notch during the installation. Working at the site required daily security passes for all Beyond Concrete’s crew members. It took as much as two hours each day to go through the security checks, lunch breaks required the General Contractor, Posillico Civil, Inc. to provide an escort so the Beyond Concrete team could return to the work area.

The theme of the design was to have the overall tone set in the gray family, starting from light gray at the building line and transitioning to dark gray by the street area. The project design consisted of approximately 7200 sq. ft. of 7” thick, epoxy reinforced concrete, poured in five twelve-foot-wide strips, each strip approximately 120 feet long. The 12 ft. wide strips were divided into 12’ x 12’ squares and saw cut into 3’ x 6’ rectangles for dimension and style.

The World Trade Center Tower project required multiple samples and conversations with the architect given the complexity of design and the various pour thicknesses the site dictated. The original request was for the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture System in five different shades of gray to be installed in sequence, exposing local sands within the integrally colored concrete.

It was determined that in order to have a consistent appearance there needed to be two processes used on site to accommodate the conditions that both resulted in the same finish. A bonded overlay for thinner sections and an unbonded topping slab for thicker. Once the process was determined and the architect saw the more decorative Bomanite Alloy finishes, the decision to use the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Alloy System was clearly the best choice.

Some sections of the installation required priming and a mortar bed that was slurry overlayed with Bomanite Alloy Color Hardener. The standard areas used conventional concrete with the Bomanite Alloy Color Hardener applied in a traditional dry-shake fashion. All areas received the same final finishing and exposure of the fine reflective aggregates contained within the Alloy.  The color started with Bomanite Nickel Gray Alloy and progressed towards the street with Shale Gray, Castle Gray, Coal Gray and ended with Cobblestone Gray.

Beyond Concrete achieved the Architects vision with the best Bomanite Decorative Concrete System and in conjunction provided a low-maintenance, high wear resistant, architectural concrete finish for the 2 World Trade Center Tower Street Design. For their outstanding work, Beyond Concrete received the 2018 Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project Bronze Award. Bomanite Decorative Concrete at its finest!