Premier Concrete Construction Create Residential Flooring Magic

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Belcolore and Bomanite Modena SL flooring.Homeowners want their house to make more than just a purposeful and deliberate statement, they want it to evoke an emotional response.  This New Hampshire house goes far beyond that baseline by making a proclamation of being a chic and sophisticated, sumptuous living space.  The homeowner achieved that goal by installing spectacularly gorgeous decorative concrete flooring, but it was journey.  He had a very specific image of his floor in his mind.  The basement floor had already been poured using the wrong integral color.  He wanted more of a beige.  So, he contracted Bomanite licensee Premier Concrete Construction, LLC for a solution to the problem.  After a discussion with the homeowner, it was agreed that a Bomanite Modena SL system would be used for that area – a perfect solution for this scenario.

Five-Star Show-Stopper Interior Flooring

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Belcolore and Bomanite Modena SL flooring.The first floor had yet to be poured.  Premier Concrete Construction worked with the existing concrete contractor to install the Bomanite Belcolore color hardener during the actual concrete pour of the first floor.  Premier Concrete Construction returned several weeks later to begin the polishing necessary for an installation of the Bomanite Custom Polishing System using Bomanite Belcolore.  The specifications were a low gloss with very minimal exposure, almost to a cream level. The downstairs Bomanite Modena SL system was completed first and then Premier Concrete Construction began the multiple sets of stairs and the first floor to match the basement level. They ended up having to use some dye coloring after initial grinding on the first floor to get the color just right.

Bomanite Systems Define Decorative Concrete

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Belcolore and Bomanite Modena SL flooring.Bomanite Modena SL is engineered, and factory blended to be polished.  Bomanite Modena SL is a polymer-modified, cementitious interior bonded floor topping that is blended with selected decorative aggregates then placed with no finishing.  Bomanite Modena SL also uses hard quartz aggregates to fill in the gaps around the softer decorative aggregates, allowing it to maintain that hard polished surface naturally rather than relying on waxes or floor finishes.  Once fully cured Bomanite Modena SL is ground to expose the aggregates and polished to the desired gloss level.  Bomanite Modena SL can be installed over concrete or properly prepared wood substrates, with cove base and stair components generally pre-cast.  Bomanite Modena SL is engineered to work best with aggregates such as granite, glass, marble, porcelain, etc. that range from 1/16” to 1/8” in size.  Bomanite Modena SL may be integrally colored in a wide range of options and unlike comparable self-leveling toppings, Bomanite Modena SL is designed to have additional aggregates added prior to being ground and polished.  With the industry’s lowest lifecycle costs, low-to-zero VOC and minimal maintenance requirements, unmatched durability and strength, Bomanite Modena SL is the optimal choice for highly decorative concrete and even for renewed surfaces.

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Belcolore and Bomanite Modena SL flooring.The Belcolore by Bomanite System incorporates Bomanite Color Hardener onto the concrete at the time of placement.  Once cured the concrete is lightly ground to expose variegated amounts of aggregate, then polished to the required gloss level and treated with a Bomanite stain resist.  The primary benefits to Bomanite Belcolore are the range of colors available, the fine aggregate characteristics and the excellent durability of color.  The unique look of a polished, color hardened floor sets Belcolore by Bomanite apart from other conventional concrete polishing systems.  The key to color hardened floors is surface density and pigment loading.  The select quartz aggregates, polymers and cement content significantly increase the abrasion resistance of a Belcolore by Bomanite floor over conventional concrete – especially concrete made with softer, less abrasion resistant aggregates such as limestone.  A higher pigment loading combined with white cement-based formulations such as utilized with Bomanite Color Hardener results in consistent color throughout the floor.  Alternately multiple colors can be broadcast and incorporated into the concrete creating a mottled, highly variegated appearance.  In either case the use of color hardener negates the appearance of coarse sands and stone along with the effect of raw material variations common to ready-mixed concrete.  The system chemically closes surface pores and mechanically polishes the floor, locking down color beneath an impenetrable shine.

Award Winning Decorative Concrete

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Belcolore and Bomanite Modena SL flooring.Bomanite licensee Premier Concrete Construction, LLC is renowned for their consistent commitment to detail, their problem-solving prowess, and their skilled decorative concrete craftsmanship.  It is little wonder this project garnered them the 2021 Bronze Award for Best Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems Project.  They relished the challenge of solving a color issue for new concrete and working with the homeowner to help him realize the vision that existed in his mind and imagination of his own flooring.  The solution they provided is an eco-friendly, durable, low-maintenance, high-performing, breathtaking work of concrete art, sure to bring this stakeholder a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.  The statement his house now makes is sleek and stylish and aesthetically beautifully bold.