Markley Honda Dealership (Modena SL)

When the Honda Corporation decided to renovate and expand Markley Honda in Fort Collins, CO, they turned to Drahota Construction for a design-build collaboration. The design team included STRATAap Architecture of Sonoma, CA. To best showcase their cars, the Honda Corporation maintains high standards and construction details for their showroom. They knew they wanted a white concrete floor, but were unsure how to get a showroom caliber, consistent finish between the existing building and expansion. Because of Drahota’s experience with Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes in the past, and Colorado Hardscapes’ experience with polished concrete flooring, they turned to Colorado Hardscapes for guidance.

Through a sampling process, it was soon discovered that Bomanite Modena polished concrete system was the ideal candidate for this high-end floor. To ensure quality and expectations, Colorado Hardscapes performed a full-size mockup in a 14’x20’ room off-site to work out the details and challenges prior to placement of the floor at Markley Honda. The finished floor was made up of a white-base Bomanite Modena SL floor with accent areas of a black Bomanite Modena SL floor featuring decorative zinc terrazzo strips. The product was then polished to provide the dealership with a low maintenance showroom caliber concrete, worthy of showcasing the newest models Honda has to offer. Markley Honda now enjoys the high-end finish of their beautiful new floor while enjoying the benefits of polished concrete.