Los Alamos National Bank

Bomanite Grasscrete Systems provide a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable, “Green” product design. As a cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavement that is continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity, Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access to a variety of applications without compromising surrounding aesthetics or environment.

The Bomanite Licensed Contractor, provided a much needed storm water drainage solution to the newly installed parking lot of the Los Alamos National Bank. The Bomanite Grasscrete System was chosen for selected areas and installed around the perimeter to allow for a central drainage channel. The installation consisted of a lose ¾” crushed concrete base approximately 6” thick for the drain bed which was covered with a filter fabric / weed barrier. The filter fabric was then covered with a 2” crusher fines leveling course for the Molded Pulp Formers. The formers were placed to grade and concrete was placed on the formers and screeded level with the tops. The concrete was given a broom finish. After the concrete had set the tops of the formers were opened up and clean ¾’ minus stone was used to fill the forms and allow for drainage of storm water.

Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access for a variety of applications requiring structural paving surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of the exterior landscaping. Grasscrete is a very sustainable product that can employ a large recycled material content both in the form of aggregate and binder such as fly ash or slag—its lifespan is indefinite and can be recycled itself to form the aggregates for future Grasscrete applications; providing Specifiers with a truly sustainable, eco-friendly system to accommodate a variety of needs.