Downtown Danbury Transit

Connecticut Bomanite, working with the City of Danbury, CT, installed the Bomanite Imprint Systems and chose the Medium Ashlar Slate pattern and the Soldier Course Belgian Block pattern.  The previous existing streetscape improvements were constructed in 1993 and in need of replacement.  Instead of the higher cost of installing natural paving materials such as slate or granite, Bomanite Imprint Systems has been used in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and municipal applications to upgrade plain concrete or asphalt. Bomanite Imprint Systems, the original cast-in-place, colored, and imprinted architectural concrete paving, offers unmatched durability to withstand the toughest traffic loads and harshest environmental conditions.

For decorative concrete architectural paving, Bomanite Imprint Systems provides more than 400 distinct patterns and associated textures with a wide variety of standard and custom coloring options.  You can choose from many natural surfaces including slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, and used brick.  Bomanite molds are developed from natural products such as stone or wood as well as unconventional surfaces such as metal or plastic or whatever your imagination may bring to the table. Images, logos, borders, and highly custom textures are all part of the Bomanite offering.  For this project, Connecticut Bomanite received the 2021 Bronze Award for Best Bomanite Imprint Systems Project.

Old Town Temecula Main Street Bridge

When the City of Temecula, CA. wanted to create their new Main Street Bridge they reached out to Bomanite Licensee, T. B. Penick & Sons, Inc. to assist them in constructing a bridge that was both functional and would increase the decorative enhancement to the old town feel. The bridge is located in Old Town Temecula, where today there are still real wood walkways throughout the town.

The City wanted the bridge to look like it belonged with the theme of the surrounding area. In addition to the style of the bridge they wanted to create a safer walking space for pedestrians, since this is a high traffic area by adding 10 foot sidewalks along each side of the bridge.

TBP was awarded this project because they were able to adhere to the design that the city wanted. They wanted to continue the look of and feel of real wood throughout the bridge. they were able to achieve this by utilizing various lengths of Bomanite’s Boardwalk pattern as well as Bomanite’s Ashlar Slate Bomacron pattern.

The bridge was poured over a steel truss structure that required two large pours at 8” thick. The adjacent sidewalks required 2 pours at 4” thick and the adjacent flatwork leading up to the bridge was poured in multiple pours. The overall bridge is 152 feet long and 47 feet wide including 2-10 foot exterior sidewalks. The bridge now looks like it belongs in old town Temecula and is in use today.

Photo Credit: Justin Watt Photography

Stapleton Redevelopment


Client Need:
Concrete paving is very prominent on this project, and the designers needed to be sure that the finished product met all of their specifications for the high profile center of the Stapleton Redevelopment. The hardscapes needed to integrate with real stone in the city center and lend consistency and beauty to the rest of the walkways, patios and plazas along the street.

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Colorado Hardscapes, walked the property and worked closely with designers to determine their needs. With the Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite system and the superior craftsmenship of Colorado Hardscapes, the team was able to install the job to the quality necessary of the project.

Colorado Hardscapes worked with both Mortenson and Saunders on different sections around the Stapleton Town Center, including paving for patios and sidewalks along 29th Ave. Black banding and special “V” saw-cuts distinguish special areas along 29th Ave. Near the water features at the town center real stones were integrated into theBomanite Sandscape Texture around the perimeter. The Visitors Center features a multi-colored Bomanite Micro-Top interior floor.

Washington NE 36th Street Bridge Roundabout



The NE 36th Street Bridge earned Bomanite Licensee, Belarde Co. Inc. a 2012 Decorative Concrete Award from the American Society for Concrete Contractors’ Decorative Concrete Council in the category of Artistry, Over 5,000 Sq.Ft. Upon entering or exiting the bridge, drivers navigate around a custom-colored, Bomanite stamped concrete roundabout that directs the flow of traffic.  Alongside the roadways, pebble-studded concrete paths, a curving, sloping wall, complete the look of a river bank.

“The concrete elements of this are so unique,” says John Belarde, president of Belarde Co. Their success in pulling it off, he says, was partly thanks to their skills as a company and partly thanks to the clarity and specificity of the design concept.

Tanja Wilcox, senior associate at Seattle architecture firm J.A. Brennan Associates and aesthetic designer for the project, had her work cut out for her when developing a design concept for the bridge. Although the client was the city of Redmond, a lot of the money for the project was funded by Microsoft Corp. — because their main corporate campus sits on both sides of the 520. The overall objective, says Wilcox, was to transform the overpass into an enjoyable environment for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. But the bridge also had to celebrate Redmond as a city, while giving a nod to its patron and beneficiary, Microsoft.

Wilcox and her team conceived a design that evokes the Sammamish River, that winds through the heart of Redmond, just north of the bridge site. By incorporating native plants and materials as well as subtle river motifs, like that of the Bomacron Creek Stone pattern, the design expresses Redmond’s beautiful natural surroundings.

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