Hope Fellowship Church

Hope Fellowship is a 3-campus Bible Church located in Frisco (East campus and West campus) and in McKinney, Texas. Completed late 2018, the newest of the 3 campuses is Frisco East.

Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite was brought in by Mycon General Contractors for several architectural concrete applications. The finishes included 31,890 square feet of Class B exposure with Level 3 gloss Bomanite Patène Teres polished concrete flooring throughout the campus interior, along with 4,850 square feet of Patène Artectura dyed and sealed concrete and 2,820 lineal feet of joints filled with polyurea joint filler. Two custom brown dye colors were selected by the architect to create a warm, earthy and inviting feel.

In a later phase, Texas Bomanite, with offices and crews in Dallas and Austin, refreshed an existing lobby floor to match the new floors. The church asked that the work be completed with minimal daytime disruption. As a result, a crew of 5 worked through the night to complete 3,930 square feet of Class B exposure with Level 3 gloss Bomanite Patène Teres polished concrete.

In addition to the interior floors, 1,800 square feet of Bomanite Grasscrete pervious concrete was installed by Texas Bomanite using the biodegradable Molded Pulp Former’s for the outer areas of the parking lot to decrease the sites overall impervious percentage.

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Northside Christian Church (SRA)

The Northside Church decided to reinvent their stretch of lawn as a dynamic new multi-purpose plaza, the primary goal was to create something special, whether it be for celebrating the birth of a child, affirming one’s faith or for friends and family gatherings and church events welcoming one and all. The church’s goal was to provide a place for people to connect – to their faith and to one another.

The church saw several different decorative concrete projects, reviewed several hard samples to select the final material. The final scope of work included 41,000 square feet of exposed decorative concrete flat work, 650 lineal feet of walls, and some 4,000 square feet of the Bomanite Custom Polished Concrete Patène Teres System in The Frappe House. Northside Christian Church ended up selecting a combination of the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems; Sandscape Refined Antico finish in Bomanite Light Brown, and Bomanite Sandscape Texture in three colors to get the cohesive yet varied look they wanted in order to connect the exterior spaces.

To expand the range of interest and energize the plaza during daily use, The Frappe House, the new handcrafted coffee shop was built animating the baptismal pool and amphitheater seating. In all, the plaza design objectives were to connect the church’s primary entrance, the youth ministry center next door and the coffee shop while also servicing individual and group baptismal celebrations in a harmonious space. The design blends a lot of forms and walls, rock work and fire pits, along with both integrated and movable seating choices. Roll up garage doors and rough raw materials fill The Frappe House to capture contemporary design sensibilities common to many chain coffee shops.

The challenge was in working to accommodate a diverse program of possible uses and group sizes. Appropriate exterior spaces that accommodate many different groups and purposes also had to be fit into a relatively small area tucked between three structures of independent functions. Creating harmonious connections throughout the plaza while having a modern, socially contemporary design aesthetic led to the use of curvy linear patterns spiraling out from the baptismal pool in the center of the design. Radiating outward, the patterns form seating areas, viewing sections and gathering spaces as the plaza steps up from the baptismal pool toward each building. The use of curves allows the energy of each space to easily be focused on either the main building it serves or conversely toward the center during baptisms. The key to tying it all together was in the primary hardscape choice – Bomanite decorative concrete.

Compass Christian Church – Compass Center


Project Description:

In its natural state, concrete is subject to staining and dusting, doesn’t wear well aesthetically and is difficult to clean. Being a heavily-trafficked church, Compass Christian Church needed an attractive, long-lasting and cost-effective concrete flooring solution for their new Compass Center facility. That’s why ICI Construction called on Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite, to transform an old Food Lion grocery store floor into the beautiful floor that the congregation enjoys today.

The remodeling process began with over 6,800 square feet of existing topping removal and extensive patchwork. Then, using the Bomanite Custom Polishing System, Texas Bomanite provided 16,135 SF of polished and dyed concrete with a 1500 grit finish. Texas Bomanite also created custom scored logos throughout the campus for added style and effect.

“The opening of the Compass Center has provided us with a physical space for students to call “home,” said Shawn Maurer, Middle School Pastor. “We hope to provide a safe place where students truly matter and can feel like they belong, a place where their questions and opinions are taken seriously, and a place where they have the freedom to be themselves.”

First United Methodist Church

Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa created a stunning exterior star graphic that was incorporated into the walkways at the First United Methodist Church located in Tulsa, OK. Sandscape Texture by Bomaanite in a neutral color was installed with the use of Bomanite Con-Color to accentuate the graphic providing an appealing and affordable design.

Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is designed for outdoor applications where an alternate to a conventional concrete finish is required. Bomanite Sandscape® Texture resembles sand blasted concrete and can incorporate specialized colored sands and/or aggregates exceeding 3/8” diameter. The finish is an economical alternate to other decorative concrete finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab at low life-cycle cost due to the pre-aged nature of the surface. Used in combination with a variety of color and staining options, Bomanite Sandscape® Texture creates consistent texture and durable hardscapes ideal for plazas, walkways, shopping centers, schools and more.

Prestonwood Baptist Church – North Campus

Texas Bomanite installed a Bomanite Custom Polishing Renaissance System in the lobby at the Prestonwood Baptist Church – North Campus located in Prosper, Texas.The entire facility is over 76,795 square feet and is the spiritual home to over 31,000 members. Texas Bomanite was contacted in the beginning by the Owner, Shanks Architects, and Interior Designer Laura Pulis.

The design for the lobby is a contemporary one, so to achieve this look, Texas Bomanite completed 8,250 Square Feet of Bomanite Renaissance flooring, which is integrally colored concrete with a diamond polished finish.Texas Bomanite poured a 3” integrally colored topping in Bomanite Light Copper, then diamond polished to a 1,500 grit finish, intentionally exposing the aggregate to look like Terrazzo. Additionally, 2,305 linear feet of joints were filled to match.The General Contractor on this project was Manhattan Construction. For more information on the north campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church, visit