Target Field – Minnesota Twins Stadium

Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems are the right choice for heavily traffiked areas. Polished concrete floors provide durability and offer exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact.

The architects for the Minnesota Twins Stadium – Target Field wanted a flooring surface that could incorporate design and strength. The Legends Club Level of Target Field showcases Minnesota’s rich history of Twin Hall of Famers and the Met Club and was in need of a surface that could feature an artistic design to help accent larger-than-life art pieces of Kirby Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew and other historic Twins ballplayers.

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Concrete Arts, provided the solution with the Bomanite Custom Polishing System, Patene Teres. By applying Bomanite Concrete Dyes in multiple colors and dilution levels and polishing the floor area up to a level 2 sheen, Concrete Arts was able to create a surface that allowed for design flexibility and most important functionality. As one of the highest trafficked areas at Target Field, polished concrete provided durability, low maintenance and overtime will hold up better and cost less than any other flooring option.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium



The Manhattan Construction Company approached Bomanite Licensed Contractor, North Texas Bomanite, for assistance with developing the decorative pavement around the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the late summer of 2008. Several attempts had been made by the Manhattan staff as well as other concrete contractors in the Dallas marketplace to achieve the finish desired by the architect with limited success. Once North Texas Bomanite and The Bomanite Company staff had the opportunity to view the color and aggregate selection, as well as the previously attempted series of mockups, they were able to make some recommendations in terms of aggregate selection, mix design and application procedures that would achieve a balance between the desired look and the aggressive construction schedule. After several more mockups utilizing the original processes and the revised process as proposed by Bomanite and executed by North Texas Bomanite, a modified version of the Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite process was approved and the contract for the 516,911 foot exterior concrete paving was awarded to North Texas Bomanite.

The modified Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite portion of the project utilized a dark gray to black Basalt aggregate in the mix. Additional aggregate of the same type and size was seeded on top of the concrete to improve aggregate distribution. The Basalt was selected due to its availability in the marketplace as well as its color and properties. Unlike a limestone or marble aggregate, Basalt is a hard, abrasive resistant aggregate that is not subject to degradation due to acid exposure. This made it ideal for a highly trafficked area such as around the stadium.

The balance of the project was broom finished with areas of both un-colored and light gray colored concrete. The jointing was done using diamond equipped saws with the pattern playing off the radius of the stadium. Block outs following the jointing pattern were provided for trees and other landscaping with recessed areas provided for pavers. The entire hardscape package was completed in five months with as many as 20,000 feet of decorative concrete being poured per day to stay on schedule. The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington TX is yet another high profile project successfully constructed by a Bomanite licensed contractor.

Sprint Center Arena Moon’s Plaza



The Sprint Center opened in Oct. 2007 and it is Kansas City’s home for sports, concerts, family shows, collegiate competitions, tournaments and special events. Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall installed 64,000 of concrete hardscapes during the construction of the arena. A small portion of their work involved The Moon’s Plaza.

The project designer, Chris Doyle, created The Moons as the Percent-for-Art component of the Sprint Arena, in Kansas City, Missouri. In front of the huge glass arena, Mr. Doyle created a plaza with three elliptical gardens, each with a water component.  Hanging above each of the gardens is a moon, a circular LED video screen that shows individuals flying across the screen simulating orbiting the arena. Musselman & Hall, brought the surface to life resembling rock and sand textures with Bomanite’s Imprint and Exposed Aggregate Systems. A custom imprint pattern of random rocks was designed to achieve a natural stone look once stamped and colored with Bomanite Black Color Hardener. Along with the imprinted surface Bomanite Sandscape Texture integrally colored in white was woven through the design to provide contrast, movement and flow to the surroundings.

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