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Micro-Top® XT by Bomanite is a good way to start with a fresh canvas on new or old surfaces. This innovative system offers the flexibility and durability you’ve only dreamed about; an ideal solution for transforming ordinary hardscapes into inventive and aesthetically appealing spaces with special effects, unique highlights and custom colors. Micro-Top XT is far more than a concrete topping. It’s an expression of imagination and art.

With the goal of creating a unique medical center inside and out, to keep kids inspired, energized and engaged throughout treatment, the project designer’s for the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas knew exactly who to call to add a colorful touch of imagination to the exterior hardscape—Bomanite of Austin. Amidst the pediatric medical excellence and vast technology, the $200 million dollar, 475,000-square-foot hospital was designed to bring together the healing powers of nature, art and family through color and imagination. An idea that holds true inside and out.

The hospital’s exterior healing environment includes seven courtyards that represent the seven ecosystems of a 46-county service area and includes several healing gardens, colorful walkways, play areas and a magical waterfall. Almost everywhere you walk, there needed to be color. The Landscape Architect on the project wanted bright reds, blues, purples, greens, oranges and yellows throughout the hardscape to keep a child’s interest. Material, texture, and grade changes were also required throughout for the purpose of helping children learning or re-learning to walk.

Bomanite of Austin incorporated a variety of coloration systems into the job to meet the project goals. Utilizing an assortment of color hardeners, integral colors, chemical stains and 15 custom shades of Micro-Top XT, the 12,000-square-foot exterior hardscape was turned into vibrant wonderland of color and imagination that any child would love. Concrete finishes of broom, trowel, rock salt and sandblast were incorporated into the project and installed by the Bomanite of Austin crew at the main entry drive, six interior courtyards and four of the exterior plazas. The completion of the exterior landscape and hardscape in May of 2007 was one of the final phases of the hospital’s completion. Dell Children’s open its doors shortly after on June 30th.

Micro-Top® XT by Bomanite is a state-of-the-art, paper-thin system that can cover virtually any surface with custom logos, colorful graphics and creative patterns. Its vast palette of color and incomparable design capabilities allow for total hardscape transformation, taking new or existing concrete surfaces and turning them into unique works of art while maintaining Bomanite’s stellar quality. Today’s clients demand design flexibility, creativity, durability, and quality. Employing these essential values, Bomanite’s accomplished network of Licensed Contractors utilize Bomanite Systems, tools and products to bring life and beauty to any project. No matter what the project entails, Bomanite will bring imagination, creative design and unsurpassed installation excellence in tow.



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May 2007




Toppings - Micro-Top® XT by Bomanite
• 15 custom colors
- Patène Artectura® by Bomanite


Create colorful and imaginative hardscape designs for hospital courtyards and pathways


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