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Educational Facility #2/Academic Offices at Fitzsimmons

The Project Architect, JD Nelson of Anderson, Mason, and Dale wanted an inexpensive floor relative to the cost of stone, a consistent look of acetone dye rather than a mottled acid stain floor, a reflective floor surface, and something new with a nice level of interest. He liked the idea of being able to specify a color and know that if it did not turn out well; it could be ground off and another color could be chosen. He explained that the first color he chose was not to his liking. This color was easily ground off, allowing him to choose a second color. The normal acid stain job is hard to erase without changing the surface of the concrete. The polishing contractor has the grinders. The concrete has been or will be ground anyway so the process of removing a stain is not detrimental to the job.

JD had some experience in concrete staining, but was open to input from the contractors. So he set up a contest. He called it a “beauty contest”. Three contractors were invited to the contest to show how they would interpret his specification. He allowed the contractors to show how they would stain and polish the floor. Each was given a 10’ x 10’ area. Colorado Hardscapes actually tried two ways. One way was a classic two cut grind, acid stain, and two coats of water based sealer. The other way was the Bomanite Concrete Polish system with acetone dyes polished by All West Surface Prep (AWSP).

The two tests done by Colorado Hardscapes lead to an interesting observation. These two choices were done side by side. While waiting for the architects, the CU rep, and the General Contractor to come by and judge the 4 pads done by 3 contractors, the stained floor was scratched. A metal bar left a deep scratch in the stained concrete floor with two coats of stain. However, when the object crossed the v-cut line that separated the two samples, it did not scratch the polished concrete. Thus, showing how much more durable the polished surface is than the sealed concrete.

The collaborative team of Bomanite Licensed Contractors, Colorado Hardscapes and All-West Surface Prep were chosen for this project that was completed over a 4 month period on time and on budget. Colorado Hardscapes was responsible for the layout, cutting, and dying of all decorative pads in the floor. They stained the floor with Bomanite Maple Syrup concrete dye. The control joints were cleaned and filled with a polyurethane caulk. The project consisted of two buildings totalling in 32,000 sq. ft of polished dyed concrete flooring: the North Building with three floor levels and the South Building with two floor levels. Each building encompassed hallways, a flight of stairs and landing that were polished as well. There were 6200 linear feet of edges to blend and polish that presented a challenge in having to use hand tools rather than the large grinders to make sure the walls and floors matched perfectly. The floors were ground with 18/20 diamonds, then 30/40, 60/80, and 120/150 diamonds. Bomanite Stabilizer Pro was applied between the 60/80 and 120/150 diamonds. Then the floor was polished with 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500 diamond resins. Bomanite Stain Guard was applied at the end of the polishing to give the floor a nice universal shine.



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