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Private drive and car park Bolehill, Derbyshire, England

It’s not always the largest jobs that are the most challenging.

Take an overgrown rear garden near the Derbyshire Peak District, introduce a landscaping scheme that includes a new steep access road leading to a car park, then add in the hurdle of a narrow bridge with a 3 tonne weight restriction along the way and………… have a challenge.

Pre-contract meetings with local Architect Derek Trowell formulated a design that would achieve a sustainable solution and yet maintain the natural limestone culture of the region. The design featured plateau forming dry stone walls, that enabled a car park and winding access route to be accommodated. A hint of rustic charm was introduced with the adoption of old timber railway sleepers to form the kerbed trail.

Our full range of grass reinforcement systems was considered for the access and car park, and the one that ticked all the boxes was GRASSCRETE. In particular its features provided for:
 – A self draining structure
 – Total felxibility in plan shape
–  A level upper surface for low wheel vibration
–  A non slip finish
 – The ability to resist the additional wheel loads of both climbing vehicles and those braking on decent.

With a route to site that couldn’t accommodate heavy vehicles, a programme of double handling was devised. Materials including concrete were “passed” over the bridge using telescopic handlers that were then able to negotiate the incline with their four wheel drive capability.

Within the space of a few months, the garden was totally transformed and in doing so, achieved something of a celebrity status, as it became a feature in the Wirksworth Festival, a celebration of art and architecture for the region



Bolehill, Derbyshire, England


GC Construction (Midlands) Ltd


GRASSCRETE GC1 (100mm thick)