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Description: Installation of a culvert crossing for the upgrading and stabilization of an existing graveled roadway to facilitate employee access. To improve security and for emergency services within a designated wetland and flood hazard area.

This accessway through the wetlands was a major connector between two corporate parks. Time was of the essence for travel back and forth. This caused the young grass to not take root in the center of the road. This would take years to spread and grow. The more it was traveled the longer it would take to grow. Sometimes crushed stone is used in high traveled areas such as this.

Permit Required: Made by the Environmental Protection Board of the City of Stamford, CT.

Regulated Activities: Includes selective clearing of vegetation, disposition of material and construction of a culvert/bridge crossing and “Grasscrete” road surface.

Traffic Durability: The pictures featured were taken at the Stamford project July 19, 2006. The accessway was initially installed across wetlands to provide access for security and emergency services. This commercial park is split in two parcels with wetlands separating them. There is approximately 8 buildings on one side and 20 buildings on the other side. There are only two entranceways into these two areas and they cross over active railroad tracks. This was the reason to connect the two parks to allow two egresses for both parks. Because of the limited access to these areas, the Grasscrete accessway is used for more than security and emergency services. This connector is vital for all who work there to get from one building to the other without going over the tracks. More important than the high traffic of the employees who work there is the high traffic of delivery trucks and tractor trailers who cross the accessway daily to deliver their products.

For almost 20 years this accessway was not being used for the reason it was intended to be used. As you can see by the photos the Grasscrete has stood up to the high traffic. Note, in the photos that there is no grass growing in the top soil spaces of the Grasscrete- This only happens with very high traffic.



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