Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

Robert’s Pavilion Claremont McKenna College

Robert’s Pavilion at the Claremont McKenna College is a three-story events arena with a gymnasium and Olympic swimming pool. Bomanite Licensee, Bomel Construction’s scope was 50,000 square feet of exposed aggregate concrete paving, all perimeter walls, decorative walls, seat walls, and entire pool deck and coping.  Working with PCL Construction and the design team from LINK landscape Architecture, the walls were alternating either in hard troweled or sand blasted texture. Two of the most striking pictures features include the 30-step grand staircase and the outdoor seating area Light Sculpture titled “Meet in the Middle” with Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate System in Dark Gray Bomanite Integral Color and seeded with crushed Mirror Glass and Black Silica Carbide.

Meet in the Middle, is a circular arrangement of eight street lamps and 24 benches. The sculpture provides a point of focus and a recognizable meeting place. It was designed by the artist, Chris Burden, and said to be optimistic, welcoming, and provocative, and provides a social setting where students and faculty can interact with the sculpture and each other. The lamps automatically illuminate at sunset and turn off at sunrise and are fitted with LED lights. Burden expressed in earlier comments that these installations were about human relationships to the places we have built for ourselves: the posts and benches represent human scale, and they are more ornate than they need to be—small sculptures that dotted the streets of the past. The Exposed System chosen provides an additional element of reflectiveness, both in physical nature and thought-provoking state. The Robert’s Pavilion is a Recipient of a merit award from the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is also been deemed a LEED Gold certified facility.

Bomanite Revealed is intended for both new construction and major renovation projects and offers sustainable features such as low life cycle costs due to it’s pre-aged nature of the surface. Bomanite Revealed is suited for exterior applications—anywhere that improved wear resistance for light to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic combined with an architectural finish is necessary. Due to the use of the Bomanite Revealed binder, these highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options, including cost effective light-reflective formulations that will not require the use of white cement to reduce heat island effect.

The Bomel Construction Company received the 2017 Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project over 12,000 sq. ft Silver Award for their precision installation and grand hardscape. To read more about Robert’s Pavilion:



Claremont, CA


Claremont McKenna College


LINK Landscape Architect


PCL Construction


January 2017




Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Revealed with Dark Gray Bomanite Integral Color, seeded with crushed Mirror Glass and Black Silica Carbide


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