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Bomanite Imprint Systems integrate both personality and product, crafting solutions to bring ideas to life. Whether building a stunning shopping center, beautiful plaza, captivating courtyard or high-end office suite, Bomanite Imprint Systems offer the owners and designers who possess the vision the creative freedom they need to make their project unique in design, color and texture.

When the design team at Archicon, LC, embarked on the creation of “The Citadelle”, a grand, 10-acre multi-use facility located in Northern Glendale, AZ, they knew exactly who to call for the exterior decorative concrete application—Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Progressive Hardscapes. Working with Mike Riggs, of Progressive Hardscapes, in the early planning stages and throughout all of the design phases of the project allowed the design team to create not only an innovative facility, but a distinctive facility with detail and high end appeal. Riggs assisted the architects and designers as they integrated more complexity and creativity into their hardscape designs. With the ultimate goal of creating a visually pleasing, high-status center filled with fantastic shops, gourmet cuisine, unique office spaces and studios to help put Glendale “on the map” as a more upscale city, it was determined that a variety of Bomanite’s most intricate patterns and textures for the exterior concrete courtyards and plazas be used.

With the 90,596 sq. ft. challenge at hand, it was up to Progressive Hardscapes to bring the exterior vision of the complex to life. Utilizing an assortment of textures from the Bomanite Imprint Systems collection in combination with a variety of colors and installation techniques, the grand scale of the Citadelle project started to take shape. Bomanite Slate Texture sandblasted with Bomanite Sand Color Hardener was used for 70% of the field. The Slate Texture was also used for a variety of pathways saw cut 24”x24” and colored with Bomanite Carmel Color Hardener. Bomanite Granite Texture and Mexican Tile (2’ bands) were also used for a few pathways and walks within the facility. Various stamped and colored accent bands were used around the fountain and tree perimeters, as well as additional paths and sidewalks. With a multitude of other Bomanite patterns and textures integrated into the project throughout, the Progressive Hardscapes team successfully created an intricate interplay of color and decorative concrete design into the overall exterior hardscape of the project. The architects and designers on the project wanted Progressive Hardscapes to “bring their vision to life”…and that’s exactly what they did.



Citadelle Plaza / Glendale, AZ


Citadelle @ Arrowhead Ranch, LLC.


Archicon, LC.


Kennedy Design Build, LLC.


November 2007




Imprint Systems; Bomacron Patterns: Slate Texture, Circular Granite,
Mexican Tile, Adoquin Tile, Belgian Block
Bomanite Products: Color Hardeners/Release Agents: Harvest Amber, Sand, Carmel, Franciscan Red


Create Exterior Walkways and Paths with Differing Textures


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