Bomanite Pervious Concrete Systems

If repeat business is a good sign of customer satisfaction, then this University Project in Spain must provide a good testimonial. From 1996 to 2003 five phases of construction have taken place using GRASSCRETE for parking areas.

With the self-draining design that GRASSCRETE provides, there is no need for an underlying drainage system. The finished levels can also be laid without the normal drainage falls associated with sealed surfacing system.

Such advantages mean that laid areas can be easily extended or phased without the need to undertake infrastructure work for the whole site at the onset.

For this particular project, the open nature of the site means that access may be required for a wide range of vehicles including coaches. To cater for this need, GRASSCRETE GC2 150mm thick has been used throughout, when combined with 8mm diameter mesh reinforcement this permits use by 30 tonne vehicles.

All phases have been constructed with plastic formers sourced in the UK, via our Spanish Agents. The lightweight nature of the formers means that transport costs are low, infact, much lower than would be for locally produced pre-cast blocks.



La CoruDa Galicia, Spain


Universitario de ElviDa La CoruDa Galicia, Spain


Jan 1996 to August 2003 (5 phases to date)


15960 m² todate


GRASSCRETE GC2 (150mm thick)