Cheshire County Jail Kitchen

Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Construction, LLC, worked with the Cheshire County Jail to make over their kitchen to fit their budget needs as well as safety needs. Premier Concrete poured 2,500 sq. ft of concrete slab and cast on Bomanite Color Hardener and polished the slab to 400 grit giving the surface a durable high wear finish.

Praised for brilliant color and extra-hard durability, Bomanite’s color-hardened surfaces stand up to more traffic than ever before when used in conjunction with this polishing system. The system chemically closes surface pores and mechanically polishes the floor, locking down color beneath an impenetrable shine. Suitable for surfaces in high-traffic industrial, commercial and public spaces, Belcolore by Bomanite is the right choice where strength is as important as beauty.