Prairie View A & M University Logo

Designated an institution of “the first class” in the Texas Constitution, Prairie View A&M University, founded in 1876, is the second-oldest public institution of higher education in the state. With an established reputation for producing engineers, nurses, and educators, PVAMU offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs through eight colleges and schools.

Along with a higher education, PVAMU fields  an impressive 16 intercollegiate sports teams and competes in the NCAA (Division 1) and the Southwestern Athletic Conference as the “Prairie View A&M Panthers.” The baseball field was recently renovated, featuring seating for 512, a new concession stand, new restrooms, a press box and bricked dugouts. The stadium entrance is emblazoned with a large custom 5-color PVAMU logo with the face of a Panther, which Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite had the opportunity to create using the Bomanite Micro-Top XT system. Texas Bomanite’s foreman for the project was Julio Mendoza. A 12-year employee for the company, Mendoza utilized his skills and knowledge of the Bomanite Micro-Top XT Concrete Overlay to blend and create the striking logo. In addition to the standard black and white, customer colors in the university brand of gray (PMS 416c), purple (PMS 268) and gold (PMS 123) were  utilized. A final coat of Polyurethane matte sealer was added for additional protection from the outside elements.

Cerner Corporation Innovations Campus

The Cerner Corporation Innovations Campus located in Kansas City, MO has added two new office towers to their 290-acre campus that will support an additional 3,000 employees. The recent additions represent phases three and four of its 16-phase, $4.5 Billion plan. This giant healthcare IT company is expected to complete construction around 2025. Once complete it is expected to house 16,000 employees, 10 office buildings as well as mix-used space for two data centers, a grocery store and retail space.

After completion of the build, the client was not happy with the way the concrete at the front entrance of the new Cerner Campus Buildings had turned out. The architectural firm for the project, Gould Evans, called upon Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, Inc. for a consultation and to discuss what they could to do to match the vision and design they were hoping to achieve.

The designers plan for the entrance was to replicate the window and sheathing pattern on the buildings, which was all planned to emulate the data created in the human genome project. After several mock-ups of textures and color options it was decided to go with a mix of Bomanite Micro-Top XT and Bomanite Micro-Top ST application methods.

The Bomanite Toppings Systems is a revolutionary approach to designing with architectural concrete that offers several coloring systems, overlayments and renovation systems that can redesign, restore or refurbish projects. Bomanite Micro-Top XT, part of the Bomanite Toppings Systems, is a two-part, polymer-modified cementitious coating that can be applied over almost any clean, sound exterior surface including concrete, cement block, tile, metal and wood in a wide range of colors and graphics. With its extraordinary adhesion and ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic it made perfect sense to choose Bomanite Micro-Top XT to meet the project design needs.

Bomanite Micro-Top ST is a specialized decorative concrete option with the same distinct quality and properties as Bomanite Micro-Top XT and can be applied without affecting surrounding materials or fixtures. In order to achieve the desired outcome for the client, Musselman & Hall applied the Bomanite Micro-Top XT with a broom finish in Bomanite Nickel Gray Integral Color and an alternating complimentary Bomanite Micro-Top ST spray applied finish in Bomanite French Gray Integral Color which provided for color and textural variation.

Cerner Corporation was not only happy with the outcome of the entrance, but it was completed in 2 phases to ensure continued access to the building. The entryway is eye catching and extremely consistent in application and color earning Musselman & Hall the 2020 Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project – GOLD AWARD for their outstanding decorative concrete craftsmanship.

Mellow Mushroom Restaurant

Mellow Mushroom pizzerias began in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia, featuring their signature hippy-inspired décor, pizza crust made with spring water and offerings for people with all types of dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. Mellow Mushroom has since expanded across the south and one of the newest stores has recently been completed in Round Rock, Texas.

Each franchise features a different theme for each of its venues. Architects, Oxley Williams Tharp have worked with Mellow Mushroom for years, around the country, to provide a unique dining experience where each individual franchisee’s personality is represented in the design. From rotating cows, to airstream trailers, they work with the artists to generate an environment that is both dynamic, fun and truly unique.

Led by general contractors JJO Construction out of Ohio, Texas Bomanite was called on to add to the unique “vibe” of the chain by bedecking the expansive patio encompassing the restaurant. The 1,035 SF patio was created with a Bomanite Micro-Top XT grey base, stained with Bomanite Chemical Stain Auburn and sealed with Bomanite HydroLock. The Auburn concrete stain color contributes to the warm and laid-back ambience of the patio to encourage diners to come and stay awhile.

Dell Children’s Medical Center

Micro-Top® XT by Bomanite is a good way to start with a fresh canvas on new or old surfaces. This innovative system offers the flexibility and durability you’ve only dreamed about; an ideal solution for transforming ordinary hardscapes into inventive and aesthetically appealing spaces with special effects, unique highlights and custom colors. Micro-Top XT is far more than a concrete topping. It’s an expression of imagination and art.

With the goal of creating a unique medical center inside and out, to keep kids inspired, energized and engaged throughout treatment, the project designer’s for the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas knew exactly who to call to add a colorful touch of imagination to the exterior hardscape—Bomanite of Austin. Amidst the pediatric medical excellence and vast technology, the $200 million dollar, 475,000-square-foot hospital was designed to bring together the healing powers of nature, art and family through color and imagination. An idea that holds true inside and out.

The hospital’s exterior healing environment includes seven courtyards that represent the seven ecosystems of a 46-county service area and includes several healing gardens, colorful walkways, play areas and a magical waterfall. Almost everywhere you walk, there needed to be color. The Landscape Architect on the project wanted bright reds, blues, purples, greens, oranges and yellows throughout the hardscape to keep a child’s interest. Material, texture, and grade changes were also required throughout for the purpose of helping children learning or re-learning to walk.

Bomanite of Austin incorporated a variety of coloration systems into the job to meet the project goals. Utilizing an assortment of color hardeners, integral colors, chemical stains and 15 custom shades of Micro-Top XT, the 12,000-square-foot exterior hardscape was turned into vibrant wonderland of color and imagination that any child would love. Concrete finishes of broom, trowel, rock salt and sandblast were incorporated into the project and installed by the Bomanite of Austin crew at the main entry drive, six interior courtyards and four of the exterior plazas. The completion of the exterior landscape and hardscape in May of 2007 was one of the final phases of the hospital’s completion. Dell Children’s open its doors shortly after on June 30th.

Micro-Top® XT by Bomanite is a state-of-the-art, paper-thin system that can cover virtually any surface with custom logos, colorful graphics and creative patterns. Its vast palette of color and incomparable design capabilities allow for total hardscape transformation, taking new or existing concrete surfaces and turning them into unique works of art while maintaining Bomanite’s stellar quality. Today’s clients demand design flexibility, creativity, durability, and quality. Employing these essential values, Bomanite’s accomplished network of Licensed Contractors utilize Bomanite Systems, tools and products to bring life and beauty to any project. No matter what the project entails, Bomanite will bring imagination, creative design and unsurpassed installation excellence in tow.

East 54 Parking Plaza



Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Carolina Bomanite, began working with Winston-Salem, N.C. Architects Dishner Moore more than a year in advance of the construction of this urban village of luxury condos, shops and dining in Chapel Hill, N.C. The Architect, Craig Dishner, “had a vision of creating a spectacular plaza design to be viewed and enjoyed at street level and above from the residential tenants”. After several mock-ups were completed and reviewed, a decision was made to use Bomanite’s Micro-Top as the topically applied coloration system over a custom “machine-swirl” integrally colored surface design for the plaza. Negotiations began with the General Contractor, Resolute Builders, to be the prime decorative flatwork contractor for this project. Carolina Bomanite had previously worked with the developer, East West Partners on other projects.

The initial phase began with the installation of the main entrance roundabout granite textured curb, along with 8000sf of dry-shake color- hardened Bomacron® Fishscale Granite Setts pattern paving. The curb was poured with an integral color at a low slump, hand shaped, then textured and barcut to resemble hand-placed granite.The ADA warning strip that followed the outer contour of the roundabout posed several problems. First, the original design called for a stamped pattern using geometric shapes. We soon realized that this would be both an installation, and aesthetic issue when installed. Carolina Bomanite quickly suggested a hand-tooled, grooved pattern that followed the radius of the contour. After several calls and letters to the town of Chapel Hill, an approval was given to install the grooved pattern. All parties agreed, this was an excellent solution to a difficult problem.

The plaza, a 25,000sf parking and mixed use space, was designed not only to be parking, but also become an entertainment venue on weekends and evenings. The decorative topping slab was designed to be a 4-7” integrally colored slab with the special “swirl” finish. High summer temperatures made working on this sub-slab almost unbearable. The decision was made to convert the 10-man crew to night work with forming beginning at 11:00pm and the first of 2 pours at 2-3:00am each morning. A cast-in-place stage with cascading steps was the first pour of this phase of the project, followed with several hundred ft. of ADA warning bands. Since the deck was previously waterproofed, all forms were set using sandbags for support. Only 2 finishers were allowed to complete the custom “machine-swirl” pattern in order to keep consistency throughout the project. After the plaza was installed, the 4-man finish crew came in to begin the layout and sawcut of the plaza design. A template was used to layout the geometric shapes. Precise layouts from the GC’s site superintendent Chris Hardee allowed the design to go in precisely to plan. After a thorough cleaning, the Bomanite® Micro-Top product was installed in a “reddish” color to compliment the decorative brick design used on the buildings exterior. Water based sealers were then applied to protect the colored areas.

Eastland Community Transit Center

When you think about a public bus stop or local area transportation hub, what comes to mind? I imagine rainbows and butterflies aren’t the first images that pop in your head. Usually not thought of as the most inviting or well-kept areas, community transit stops and centers across the country are starting to change. With the need to provide clean, safe and friendly environments, city leaders and designers are looking for creative ways to enhance these high-traffic areas that are aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and cost-effective. So, what is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a dull area? The answer is just under your feet!

With a variety of innovative techniques and products, the world of concrete has changed. Say good-bye to boring, gray surfaces and hello to imagination, color and creativity. With help from local Bomanite Franchise Partner, Carolina Bomanite Corp., the city of Charlotte, NC did just that by incorporating a variety of colorful decorative concrete elements into the design of their new Eastland Community Transit Center. Carolina Bomanite used Micro-Top XT by Bomanite to bring a local artist’s vision to life by adding creative colors and an intricate curvilinear design to the open-air plaza of the facility that links nearby travel destinations.

Micro-Top XT, part of the Bomanite Toppings Systems collection, is a cementitious topping that tenaciously bonds to virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic or asphalt. Not confined to the standard color palette or color limitations of chemical stains, Micro-Top XT succeeds where other coloring methods have failed. The use of this paper-thin concrete medium, allows for a total hardscape transformation by taking new, existing, or damaged concrete and turning it into unique works of art. Micro-Top can be installed as flooring, troweled up a wall, or used as accent areas for custom graphics or logos. It provides a cost-effective way to achieve multiple colors and complex designs without elaborate form work or multiple pours, saving both time and money. A flexible, creative and time-saving decorative concrete alternative; what more can you ask for?

Carolina Bomanite worked closely with Bomanite to produce custom color samples for approval by the project designers. Once the custom colors were finalized, the team was then ready to embark on the arduous 2,528 sq. ft. Micro-Top XT installation. “The project was difficult to execute in terms of installation,” says John Fletcher of Carolina Bomanite. “The architect provided a drawing with tangents, however most of the points were outside the work zone and had to be laid out by hand all under the intense 90° + July heat,” he continued. The graphic design took two days to layout by hand on the concrete base, taking great skill and precision by John Fletcher himself. It then took two days to hand-cut with grinders and a few days following to colorize the walkway.

With Carolina Bomanite’s contribution of the colorful and inviting plaza in 2006, the Eastland Community Transit Center is now a welcoming, bustling public hub for travelers and visitors alike. It truly has become a bus stop where rainbows and butterflies come to mind when asked to describe it. The project was awarded “Best Micro-Top Project Worldwide” at the Bomanite International Conference held in Las Vegas, NV in January 2007.

Jackson Park Playground

Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa worked with architects PDG Incorporated to create a unique and one of a kind design for Jackson Park located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Micro-Top XT by Bomanite in several custom colors were chosen to create a vibrant and fun playground.

Micro-Top XT by Bomanite is a two-part, polymer-modified cementitious coating consisting of a unique  rubber-like polymer liquid and a cement-aggregate blend. It can be applied over almost any clean, sound surface including concrete, cement block, tile, metal and wood in a wide range of colors and graphics. Micro-Top XT has  extraordinary adhesion and ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In these respects, the material is far superior to conventional cementitious coatings. Micro-Top XT provides a tough, water-retardant  coating that substantially reduces water penetration, freeze-thaw scaling and concrete carbonation. It is a  “breathable” coating that releases normal entrapped vapor without loosening or blistering. Typical uses include concrete exterior restoration, parking structure protection, sidewalk resurfacing, wall refinishing and installation coating, stadium renovation, swimming pool walkways and balcony deck surfacing.