Deerfield Academy – Hess Center for the Arts (Modena SL)

Deerfield Academy Hess Center for the Arts, located in Massachusetts, worked with Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Construction to choose Bomanite Modena for their renovated space. Installed for high durability, for everyday foot traffic, musical equipment and powerful art exhibits, this engineered interior cementitious topping is blended with selected aggregates, ground and polished to the desired gloss level.

Available in a range of colors and patterns using decorative sawcuts, topically applied stains, variety of aggregates are all options in creating a beautifully designed and functional floor. The Modena Custom Polished Concrete Flooring System is a low-cost alternative for renovation projects and provides the durability and strength for this exceptionally long lifespan system. With the industry’s lowest lifecycle costs, low to zero VOC and minimal maintenance requirements, Modena by Bomanite is the optimal choice for renewed surfaces.

St. Vrain Elementary School #26

A Concrete Learning Environment
When the St. Vrain School District in Northern Colorado decided to add a new school to their map, they did not want just another cookiecutter school. They hired RB+B Architects and the Birdsall Group to design an atypical school that would create an educational learning environment relevant to the history and geology of the town where it would be located. The resulting St. Vrain Elementary School #26 in Erie creates educational areas for students to learn about their region’s history and geology outside of the traditional classroom.

For this LEED certified school, the school district selected Adolfson and Peterson (A&P) as the general contractor because of its reputation for budget consciousness and its school construction experience. RB+B, the Birdsall, Group, and A&P worked with Bomanite Licensee Colorado Hardscapes, Inc. (CHI) during the design process to ensure that their visions for the concrete applications at this school could be constructed within budget and to the quality desired. As a result, the transition from design to construction flowed smoothly.

Mineral Pedestal
After students enter the school they are encouraged to engage in an educational component designed by RB+B in a typically un-used area of the lobby. Underneath a stairwell in the main corridor of the school, CHI worked with A&P to create a raised pedestal on which rocks from all four geological types were hand-placed and glued. The mineral pedestals had a polished Bomanite Modena SL with embedded rocks, and the perimeter curb was a light gray Bomanite Micro-Top. Local aggregates embedded in a concrete topping and polished to a high sheen exposed these rocks and created the protective surface on which to sandblast referral numbers next to each grouping of rocks. The school placed placards within the slab to help students identify each type of rock.

Cafeteria Flooring
The Bomanite polished concrete cafeteria floor in this school serves as a transition point, moving students from the outside through the cafeteria and gymnasium. With a creative use of elongated steps, the steps leading from the gymnasium to the cafeteria doubles as extra seating for the gymnasium. In addition to aesthetics and functionality, the finish provides the school with very low maintenance flooring. The choice of polished concrete offers intrinsic savings to the total project by enhancing the mandatory concrete slab rather than covering it with a disposable overlay of carpet or tiles that have a shorter life cycle and higher maintenance costs. CHI created on-site mock-ups for approval from the architect and owner prior to actual placement of the floor in the school.

Because of the craftsmanship required in both the concrete placement and the polishing process of these floors, steps, and ramps, CHI used the expertise of different crews to perform the work. The polishing team needed to remove all surface cream as well as bisect large aggregate in a consistent visual texture across the entire area, including the edges, steps, and ramps. The ramp provided the challenge of needing to be dense, reflective, and cleanable, but it also needed to provide the correct traction and slip resistance for wheel chair access. After a couple of samples CHI found a successful stopping point in the polishing process that met all the requirements for this area.

Interpretive Site Wall
After students walk through the school and down the beautifully polished ramp, they can exit to a playground enclosed by an educational interpretive wall. The Birdsall Group and CHI team, through budgeting and design conversations, chose an integrally colored wall displaying both an organic form finish and a more refined, yet natural, Sandscape® finish. The wall tells a story on each side. The side facing the parking lot shows the terrain where the town of Erie sits. The side facing the playground gives a timeline of the history of Erie.

The construction of the walls took creative thinking and pre-planning. Because of the two different finishes on the wall, CHI’s crews developed unique methods for forming and facing the walls. The walls contained both finishes on each side and needed to be poured monolithically. CHI worked with the designers to adjust the design slightly to create a formed concrete solution. On site the crews used great care to place, strip, and finish the walls. Other contractors on the jobsite commented on the craftsmanship displayed.

Pulling It All Together
Through design meetings, samples, on-site mock-ups, coordination with all parties, and on-time delivery, CHI exceeded expectations on St. Vrain Elementary School #26. This project required extensive coordination for CHI to provide the variety of finishes required. Crews with different expertise worked side-by-side, offering the client ease in scheduling, contracting, managing and communication. With an accelerated schedule to open school on time, no other concrete contractor could meet the demands of multiple decorative concrete finishes, sustainable requirements, and coordination better than Colorado Hardscapes, Inc.


Redstone American Grill (Modena SL)


Project Description:

If you are looking for a floor finish that is low-maintenance, holds up to heavy traffic then Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems is the floor finishing option for you. Available in finishes from satin to gloss, Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems offer exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact, are environmentally friendly and easy to clean! Bomanite’s family of restoration products makes old surfaces better than new. Used on top of high-strength, polymer-modified cement, Modena by Bomanite transforms worn surfaces into beautiful walkways, courtyards and lobbies.

The Redstone American Grill is a spirited, rugged and romantic dining establishment that features a wood burning grill, rotisserie and open exhibition kitchen. Upon entering Redstone you are greeted with a large stone fireplace that provides an inviting and warm interior. The custom polished concrete entryway complements and enhances the atmosphere of the restaurant. Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Beyond Concrete provided a much needed update with polished concrete floors. Looking to combat wear and tear to add service life to their floor, reduce costly maintenance and create a custom designed surface to complement the decor, the Bomanite Custom Polishing System Modena SL was the answer. Bomanite’s premium Black Integral Color was used to achieve the warm and inviting look and to give it a rustic feel granite aggregates in a blend of black, white and red were put into the mix to provide that distinctive decorative effect.

W. Daly Salon Spa (Modena SL)

Custom color concrete overlay poured to level of installed hardwood floor to create semi circle with wall divider. The floor was polished at 800 grit and sealed with Bomanite Stainguard.

MSU Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center


Project Description:

The Metropolitan State University worked with Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts in establishing the best flooring and paving options for the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center. The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center on the Brooklyn Park campus of Hennepin Technical College won the 2011 International Interior Design Award FAB (Fresh, Artistic, Brilliant) award.

Bomanite Modena TG
The Modena Polished System TG used specialty aggregates and integral color mixed in to a 3/4” topping. MSU chose Slate Gray and local aggregates, Rib Mountain Red, Violetta, and Salt and Pepper Granites. A “sheen” effect was added with a touch of Mother of Pearl which is ground oyster shells.

Stair Treads
LifeTime Floors precast material was used to create stair treads, risers, and landing platforms. Custom molds were made to cast stairs in one monolithic piece utilizing the same specialty aggregates as the Modena Polished floor. Stairs were honed, polished and sandblast stenciled creating a non-slip stair nosing.

Bomanite Revealed
Bomanite Revealed was chosen for the exterior application. The process involves a thin layer of specialty aggregates, plastizers, air, and tinted cement. The surfaces is washed to expose and reveal the specialty aggregates in the mix. MSU chose to match the color and aggregates used in the Modena Flooring to keep a consistent look from interior to exterior

Loveland Library (Modena SL)

When Loveland Library began the renovation of their Loveland Galleria library, they started to consider ways to enhance their existing flooring surface. The options seemed dismal with overlay materials such as carpet tiles or VCT. As a result, they hired Oz Architecture who designed a concept with earth, water, and wood. With those design elements in mind, they approached Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes on what is possible with a concrete overlay.

To achieve the concept of earth, water and wood, Oz designed an abstract pattern designed for the floor with Bomanite Modena SL – a concrete overlay with similar attributes to terrazzo. The base used Canyon City aggregate, two integral colors, and approximately 7,340 pounds of recycled glass. During the polishing process, Colorado Hardscapes applied two concrete dyes in specific areas to achieve an organic and flowing finish.

To achieve the design concept, a lot of details and thought went into the flooring. This made the design complex, the materials unique, and the end result spectacular.

Markley Honda Dealership (Modena SL)

When the Honda Corporation decided to renovate and expand Markley Honda in Fort Collins, CO, they turned to Drahota Construction for a design-build collaboration. The design team included STRATAap Architecture of Sonoma, CA. To best showcase their cars, the Honda Corporation maintains high standards and construction details for their showroom. They knew they wanted a white concrete floor, but were unsure how to get a showroom caliber, consistent finish between the existing building and expansion. Because of Drahota’s experience with Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes in the past, and Colorado Hardscapes’ experience with polished concrete flooring, they turned to Colorado Hardscapes for guidance.

Through a sampling process, it was soon discovered that Bomanite Modena polished concrete system was the ideal candidate for this high-end floor. To ensure quality and expectations, Colorado Hardscapes performed a full-size mockup in a 14’x20’ room off-site to work out the details and challenges prior to placement of the floor at Markley Honda. The finished floor was made up of a white-base Bomanite Modena SL floor with accent areas of a black Bomanite Modena SL floor featuring decorative zinc terrazzo strips. The product was then polished to provide the dealership with a low maintenance showroom caliber concrete, worthy of showcasing the newest models Honda has to offer. Markley Honda now enjoys the high-end finish of their beautiful new floor while enjoying the benefits of polished concrete.