Olathe West High School

Olathe West High School opened in the fall of 2017, designed using architecturally advanced techniques to create an innovative and futuristic learning environment for their students. The three-story school, spanning 375,000 square feet, focuses on the use of technology, open, modular learning spaces, efficiency and collaboration among students. A centrally-located learning commons provides student gathering and education collaboration spaces that connect to the entire building.

The school is designed with four wings where students attend classes. The building also includes an open concept Library with 60 planting boxes on a growing wall, four mini-libraries overlooking the main first floor library, a Public Safety Academy, Green Tech learning center, media center, performing arts center with retractable seating, gymnasiums with a one-ninth mile track around the top and a 200 square foot rooftop greenhouse.

Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC worked with the project designers to provide a sustainable low maintenance topping and polishing technique that is becoming a standard in school construction. Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC placed 25,000 square-feet of 2”-thick Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind system as an unbonded topping slab integrating local aggregates and references. Once the slab was cured, it was ground down to expose the coarse aggregates and then polished to a semi-gloss concrete finish.

“Bomanite’s Renaissance Deep Grind is a high-end, readily customized decorative concrete that really bring designs to life,” says Dan Kroesen, a Vice President with Musselman & Hall Contractors. The Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind polished concrete system represents a custom mix of individually sourced aggregates, sands, and added integral colors that can be installed as a slab on grade or unbonded overlay. Once the concrete sets, it is milled, ground, and finally polished to produce a beautiful, solid surface that looks and wears very similar to terrazzo.

While every type of flooring requires regular maintenance, one of the advantages of the Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind process is the long-term cost positives. Because the floor is treated with chemical hardeners that reduce porosity, while still allowing it to breath, fully-exposed hard aggregates are the predominate wear surface rather than an applied sealer or coating. Correctly selecting aggregates by size, type, and color allows the floor to wear naturally while supporting superior stain resistance to traditional concrete because no film-forming agents are required to maintain a Bomanite Renaissance floor.

The Bomanite Renaissance system checks a lot of boxes – tremendous design flexibility, first-cost savings, lower cost maintenance, making Bomanite Decorative Concrete the right investment for long lasting beauty and benefit for school construction projects and its communities.

Cerner Trails Office Campus

The Cerner Trails project included a polished concrete topping slab installed at the new Cerner Corporation Headquarters near I-435 and Bannister Rd in southeast Kansas City, Missouri. Cerner is an international healthcare software company. With its third office development in the Kansas city area, the 650,000-square-foot campus includes office, conference and support spaces for 4,000 employees, a dining facility and health clinic. It is the one of the most technologically advanced and wireless office buildings in the country.

Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC worked closely with the local architecture firm Gould Evans during the design development phase of the project for Cerner Continuous Campus. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in March 2017 to celebrate the grand opening of the campus, which will be the largest development projects in Missouri’s history by the time it is fully built out. The new Continuous Campus signifies Cerner’s commitment to the future of healthcare management. The building is not only an expression of Cerner’s work, but a reflection of the values of a company pioneering the digital age of the medical industry. Gould Evans designed the campus as a centerpiece of Cerner’s strategy to draw top technology talent to the Kansas City area to solve the complex challenges of their health care clients.

In working with Gould Evans, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC assisted with the project specifications and samples. Musselman & Hall, the design team and owner’s representatives met multiple times to discuss project particulars and review samples until the team was able to fine tune the project finishes.

The lobby, corridors, common spaces, dining hall and cafe of the new facility were completed utilizing the Bomanite Renaissance custom polished concrete system. Musselman & Hall placed nearly 50,000 SF of 3” thick, integrally colored, unbonded topping slab. The slab was integrally colored with Bomanite Natural Gray.

After the topping slab had cured sufficiently, Musselman & Hall began the polishing operation. The slab was ground to a course aggregate exposure, densified with Bomanite Stabilizer Pro and polished to a semi-gloss sheen after which the floor was treated with Bomanite VitraFinish and burnished.

Musselman & Hall worked closely with the General Contractor’s team, JE Dunn Construction, to coordinate the completion of the highly decorative work, resulting in a high-end architectural concrete finish ready for the technological wave of the future and beyond.

Infinite Campus (Modena Monolithic, Renassiance)

Infinite Campus is the largest U.S. owned K-12 student information management firm that is nestled among natural wetlands and a city park. Wanting to allow views to the exterior natural elements, the Finn Daniels Architect firm made sure the design incorporated architectural precast concrete wall panels, a glass curtain wall, and metal panels to provide views as well as creating an energy efficient building. The interior features open work spaces, two story garden elements with crossing bridges, a central rotunda, training rooms, and a full food service cafeteria.

When planning the cafeteria, the owner, Infinite Campus and Finn Daniels Architects wanted a free-flowing design that would complement existing epoxy terrazzo floors and carpet. The area needed to work with the natural elements already set and required low maintenance with a reflective sheen. During the conceptual stage the design team determined that the decorative concrete indoor flooring project should emulate the feeling of a sandy beach or shoreline which would shimmer and glisten like shells and sea glass in the sun. Bomanite Licensee Concrete Arts, Inc. provided the natural beach look by installing the Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems with Bomanite Modena Monolithic for the winding middle sea shell area and Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind for the shoreline perimeter.

The two unique appearances were accomplished by first pouring the two perimeter pours of Bomanite Renaissance utilizing integral color to achieve the desired shade of concrete. Then the Bomanite Modena Monolithic portion was poured to complete the winding area in between. The soft gray color of the Bomanite Modena Monolithic was enhanced with black and blue natural aggregates blended with blue recycled glass. Mirrored glass, sea shells and mother of pearl were also hand-seeded to create the shimmer and iridescence reminiscent of that perfect beach feel.

Bomanite Modena Monolithic is a poured-in-place monolithically bonded concrete overlay utilizing integral colorants blended with engineered cements and aggregates. Bomanite Renaissance Deep Grind is a poured-in-place colored concrete slab with selected aggregates ready-mixed and finished to receive a deep grind and polish. Once both areas were placed and sufficiently hardened, Concrete Arts began the grinding and polishing process. This exposed the beauty of the glass and aggregate while providing a low maintenance, durable surface with great sheen and light reflectivity.  When the sun shines through the glass curtain wall on the new cafeteria floor it evokes that happy feeling like a day at the beach.

Kansas University School of Business Capitol Federal Hall

The Kansas University School of Business Capitol Federal Hall serves as a destination point for students who are determined to move business forward. From state-of-the-art technology to research labs, this will be a hub for collaboration and innovation.

Bomanite Licensee, Musselman and Hall Contractors worked closely with the local architecture firm, Gastinger Walker, during the design development phase of the project allowing the project specifications and samples to be fine-tuned, making sure this 166,500 square foot four story facility was at the top of its class. The work completed earned Musselman and Hall  the Gold Award for the Best Bomanite Custom Polishing Project at the 2017 Bomanite Conference. The Kansas University School of Business Capitol Federal Hall has 20 classrooms, a 350 set auditorium and nearly two dozen collaborative spaces.

The atrium lobby, common area, and gathering space was completed with the Bomanite Custom Polishing Renaissance system. The large common area in the atrium lobby was designed to be a living room-like “entrepreneurship incubator” with 15,800 square feet of 4” thick integrally colored topping slab. The slab was integrally colored with Bomanite’s Coal Gray. The slab was ground to a “salt & pepper” aggregate exposure and polished to a semi-gloss finish. The placement of the topping slab included multiple sets of cast-in-place steps as well as an ADA accessible ramp.

The centerpiece of the project, and building as a whole, is the 24’ diameter Jayhawk symbol at the west entry of the atrium lobby. The Jayhawk involved the installation of an intricate zinc inlay with a polishable overlay. To learn more about the KU School of Business and see the development of the facility visit:

Heights Recreation Center

The City of Richardson recently opened the doors of the brand new, state-of-the-art Heights Recreation Center. The 25,000 square foot facility boasts a regulation-sized basketball court, a game room, large fitness and cardio areas with brand new equipment, a large classroom space, a preschool room, an aerobics studio and WiFi Internet access throughout.

Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite was called in to polish 2,500 SF of lobby and corridors. They installed a 2” integrally colored topping slab in a brown color. The scoring of the topping was done in accordance to the Architect’s (Brinkley Sargent Architects) design, which is seeking a LEED Silver Certification for the project. The floors were diamond polished to a 1,500 grit finish and Malt Brown Bomanite Concrete Dye was added during the polishing process to deepen the intensity of the color.

Bomanite Stabilizer Pro and Bomanite VitraFinish were installed to give the floor a complete Bomanite Custom Polishing treatment. A polyurea joint sealant was installed as well. The final step in the scope of work was floor protection and a final burnish was completed before the early summer opening.

Asian Memorial at the Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy awarded the Asian Memorial project to G. H. Phipps prior to the final design and materials selection. This allowed G.H. Phipps the freedom to contact Colorado Hardscapes for options to consider for the interior floors and exterior paving.

Colorado Hardscapes’ recent history with paving installations at the Air Force Academy, where new paving finishes captured the original intent of the paving designs used throughout the Academy campus, opened the door for all parties involved to look at a variety of paving possibilities while staying within the donated funds budget.

The paving of choice for the interior floors consisted of a layout of three colors, with exposed aggregate fields bordered by white and black concrete bands that replicated marble and granite. To achieve this look, the concrete was placed, finished, and then ground and polished, using the Bomanite Polishing System. This gave the finished product a very smooth, attractive, and low-maintenance floor appropriate to the design and architecture of the Memorial.

White and black banding continued on the exterior paving, this time in conjunction with Colorado Hardscapes’ Sandscape Texture. This finish, although refined and natural in appearance, also provided an excellent slip resistant, low maintenance pavement.

The overall character of the concrete paving, both inside and outside, is similar to the character of natural stone paving such as marble and granite. The choice of materials and the workmanship contributed to an outstanding project.

Tri Sport Bicycle

If you are looking for a floor finish that is low-maintenance, holds up to heavy traffic and can make your showroom or business sparkle, then Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems is the floor finishing option for you. You can pay (and keep paying) for a floor finish that requires frequent repairs, reinstallations and costly upkeep, but why? Available in finishes from satin to gloss, Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems offer exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact, not to mention look great, are environmentally friendly and easy to clean! With help from their local Bomanite Licensed Contractor Heritage Bomanite, located in California’s Central Valley, Tri- Sport Bicycle of Fresno updated their merchandise display area with polished concrete floors. Looking to combat wear and tear to add service life to their floor, reduce costly maintenance and create a custom designed surface to set their showroom apart, Tri-Sport found Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems to be the answer.

Working with designer Suzanne Byrnes of Facility Designs, Heritage Bomanite was able to create a custom floor finish to meet Tri-Sport’s design expectations. Utilizing Renaissance by Bomanite™, a system from the Bomanite Custom Polishing collection that provides a lustrous finish with Bomanite’s premium Integral Color blends, the Heritage team set out to accomplish the task at hand. First, the Heritage team poured Black Bomanite Integral Color next to the gray concrete to create a flowing design throughout the store. A custom stainless steel logo was then made and set into the freshly poured concrete near the entry door. The Heritage crew then placed bicycle chain rings in the concrete throughout the store and sprinkled colored glass in various areas to create a distinctive decorative effect. Once the concrete was cured, the team polished the concrete to 3000 grit, exposing the metal and glass elements. Bomanite StainGuard was then applied after the polishing was complete.

Utilizing the in-depth skill, equipment and concrete artistry of Heritage Bomanite’s craftsmen, Tri-Sport was able to create a retail display space that is not only durable and easy to maintain, but is unique and bright that accents their merchandise and apparel.

Prestonwood Baptist Church – North Campus

Texas Bomanite installed a Bomanite Custom Polishing Renaissance System in the lobby at the Prestonwood Baptist Church – North Campus located in Prosper, Texas.The entire facility is over 76,795 square feet and is the spiritual home to over 31,000 members. Texas Bomanite was contacted in the beginning by the Owner, Shanks Architects, and Interior Designer Laura Pulis.

The design for the lobby is a contemporary one, so to achieve this look, Texas Bomanite completed 8,250 Square Feet of Bomanite Renaissance flooring, which is integrally colored concrete with a diamond polished finish.Texas Bomanite poured a 3” integrally colored topping in Bomanite Light Copper, then diamond polished to a 1,500 grit finish, intentionally exposing the aggregate to look like Terrazzo. Additionally, 2,305 linear feet of joints were filled to match.The General Contractor on this project was Manhattan Construction. For more information on the north campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church, visit

The Summit At Central Park

In June of 2010, the city of Grand Prairie opened the doors of The Summit at Central Park, a state-of-the-art recreation center for active seniors. The facility boasts an extensive athletic center including an aquatic center with lap and infinity-edged pools, hot tubs and saunas, luxurious dining areas, ballrooms, game rooms, a pottery center, teaching kitchen, 88-seat movie theater, and on-site lakes and green space.

The entire facility is over 56,000 square feet and Texas Bomanite was called in by Manhattan Construction to create over 11,920 square feet of custom flooring designed by Brinkley Sargent Architects. The Bomanite Custom Polishing System, Renaissance, was chosen. A 2” integrally colored topping, was installed over a waterproof membrane, which was polished to the desired grit level, depending on the location (lobby & corridors or pool deck). 4,000 Linear Feet of joint filler finished these areas out. For more information about the Summit, visit the City of Grand Prairie’s Parks and Recreation website at