Great Wolf Lodge – Minnesota

The Great Wolf Lodge opened one of their latest resorts in Bloomington, MN. The Gensler Architect team was hired for the renovation project. With one of a kind entertainment options, Bomanite Licensee, Bulach Custom Rock (known for their work on themed projects) was able to provide 5,000 square feet of the specified flooring that matched the outdoor adventure theme. With the existing floor in place, Bulach Custom Rock came through with the Bomanite Thin-Set Stampable Overlay Toppings System in three different patterns that were used intersecting in multiple areas which provided some challenges for the layout.

The Great Wolf Adventure Park houses several non-water attractions, including the Rustic Ridge Rock Wall and the Howlers Peak Ropes Course, that guests embark on an invigorating, multi-level climbing challenge traversing over Oliver’s Mining Co. where they can search for keepsake gemstones. For the mining area Bulach Custom Rock created the look and feel of actual dirt and stones with the Bomacron Erosion Series Dried Earth Texture and the Bomacron Small Sandstone pattern.

Additional activities include MagiQuest, the brand’s exclusive live-action adventure game where players follow clues and use interactive magic wands to discover relics and runes needed to defeat a fierce dragon. The Bomacron Fishscale Belgian Block pattern was used to create that old world feel of stone castles. The MagiQuest area was produced using the Bomanite Shale Gray Integral Color then utilizing a Bomanite Natural Gray Color Hardener wash before it was sealed.

The difficulty of the project was in both access and area control. Whereas multiple trades were utilizing the same spaces at the same time, Bulach Custom Rock installed all the stampable overlay during the overnight hours with the use of mostly temporary lighting. Due to Bomanite Thin-Set’s benefits of being trafficked quickly, Bulach Custom Rock was able to have the flooring installed on schedule.

Bomanite Thin-Set is a specially formulated polymer modified topping mix that will bond to any stable, structurally sound substrate. This unique system allows the installation of a thin, imprinted concrete topping when installed at 3/8″ thick and can be feathered to a zero edge that was helpful when the overlay needed to seamlessly match up to an existing tile floor entrance for the Great Wolf Lodge.

Bomanite Thin-Set is an extremely effective alternative to the demolition or remodel of an existing substrate, making it a perfect choice for the Great Wolf Lodge Renovation.

Stout NYC – Bar and Restaurant

The Stout Bar offers an old world feel with Bomanite Thin-Set. Bomanite Thin-Set is a specially formulated, polymer-modified topping system applied at a thickness of approximately 3/8-inch. A great design option for virtually any structurally sound surface, old or new, Bomanite Thin-Set offers all the durability, cost effectiveness, and ease of maintenance decorative concrete has to offer.

The Stout Bar, located at John Street in the Wall Street area of NYC, chose Bomanite Thin-Set for their renovated space, giving the restaurant an old world feel with a cobblestone pattern.Approximately 2,400 square feet of the Running Bond Cobblestone stampable overlay pattern was installed. Extensive grinding, clean-up and patching of the existing floor was needed.  Application of an epoxy bonding agent was applied and then the Bomanite Thin-Set in Bomanite French Gray Color with Bomanite Cobblestone Gray Color highlights. The newly renovated floor was given a coat of Bomanite Hydrocoat Sealer.

Along with the new flooring a custom 85 foot long concrete bar top was poured and stained with Bomanite Concrete Dye Sweet Potato and protected with Bomanite Florspartic 100 sealer. The owners also received a custom brass Stout Beer Mug logo.

Private Residence – Indianapolis, IN

The homeowners contacted Bomanite Licnesee, Harriman’s Bomanite regarding their large back yard remodel project. Bomanite Thin-Set was chosen to install over existing walks, patios, and steps. The project also included a large imprinted courtyard and pool deck that required drainage solutions. Yorkshire Stone, a pattern from the Bomanite Imprint Systems collection, was selected for the 3,526 sq. ft. project. Bomanite French Gray Release Agent was selected for the project as well as additional custom colors.

Alameda Crossing – Paddock Pools


The Paddock Pools showroom at the Alameda Crossing shopping center is an interior project that utilized the Bomanite Thin-Set product. Paddock Pools designs custom pool decks and backyard patios. For their showroom they wanted to achieve a dynamic first impression for their clients; their goal, designing an indoor pool that would showcase an array of possible flooring products.

Bomanite Thin-Set was used throughout the showroom. The pool deck area utilized the Bomacron Ashlar Slate Pattern with Sand Color Hardener and a flash of Harvest Amber Release Agent. The open floor area of the showroom consisted of the Bomacron Canyon Stone Pattern with Sand Color Hardener and alternating Harvest Amber and Rust Brown Release Agents. The hues of red and brown complimented the Ashlar Slate and Canyon Stone patterns to create the natural beauty within the store thus achieving the extraordinary splendor found in the Arizona landscape.

Portola Plaza Hotel

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Heritage Bomanite, provided a beach boardwalk look to the existing exterior walkways using Bomanite Toppings Restoration System, Thin-Set. A custom boardwalk pattern stamp was created to fit within the existing control joints. Each plank is 6.5” wide.

Bomanite Thin-Set is a specially formulated polymer modified topping mix that will bond to any stable, structurally sound substrate. This unique system allows the installation of a thin, imprinted concrete topping when installed at 3/8” thick and can be feathered to a zero edge.

Bomanite Thin-Set is an extremely effective alternative to the demolition of an existing substrate. This product adheres to most adhesives and coatings, has excellent abrasion resistance and can be trafficked quickly. It is especially beneficial on applications where natural materials are not possible to install due to clearance issues. In remodeling applications, Bomanite Thin-Set transforms badly damaged concrete into beautiful concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of removal or replacement of the existing surface. From retail centers to theme parks, restaurants to hotels, commercial offices to residential applications, Bomanite Thin-Set provides a durable flooring option where the look of brick, slate, stone or wood can be achieved and will appear like other Bomanite, Bomacron surfaces.

This easy-to-install system offers numerous design options for vertical and horizontal applications, inside or outside. Over 100 Bomanite or Bomacron patterns can be utilized with this product and Bomanite’s Patène Artectura coloration system can also be incorporated with this process. Available in 60 standard colors, Bomanite Thin-Set can also be created in a wide variety of custom colors.

Valley Fair Mall

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Architectural Concrete & Design was approached by the Mall Management team to design a topping system to go directly over their existing tile without any demolition. With the help of The Bomanite Company’s Director of Technical Services, Terry Grimble, the best system to use was designed.

The work was to be performed at night once the stores were closed for the evening. Since the stores were to remain open during the construction stages, the fast drying Bomanite Thin-Set was chosen. This cost effective system saved the mall management team money by not having to remove the existing tile and also keeping the mall open during the process.

The new design called for a variety of concrete stamp patterns, colors and streetlights that would transform the mundane walkway into an interesting, winding streetscape. Throughout the concourse, the Bomacron Basketweave Used Brick pattern integrally colored with Bomanite Brick Red and the Bomacron Random Slate pattern in Shale Gray covers much of the way. For visual breaks, the Bomacron 8-inch English Slate Texture border in Sand is straight in places and free-flowing in others. For even more variety, the Bomacron 12-inch Boardwalk pattern in Sonora Tan graces the mall’s roundabout and accents selected areas.

Bomanite Thin-Set, a specially formulated polymer-modified topping mix that can be imprinted, will bond to any stable, structurally sound substrate. It typically is installed 3/8-inch thick and can be feathered to a zero edge. it is an extremely effective alternative to demolishing an existing substrate, Bomanite Thin-Set also can be exposed to traffic quickly — which was a priority for this job.