Bomanite Revealed™

Bomanite Revealed is an architectural exposed concrete with varying exposure depths using decorative aggregates that are bond in a unique binder and apply to plastic concrete. The Bomanite Revealed System utilizes pre-blended binders, light fast pigments, topical treatments and advanced application procedures to produce a finished product that showcases the seeded aggregate. Unlike most surface seeded installations, Bomanite Revealed provides 100% exposure of the decorative aggregate with no native sands detracting from the finished appearance.

The final product is unique alternate to other decorative concrete finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab with a low life cycle cost due to the pre-aged nature of the surface. Bomanite Revealed is suited for exterior applications—anywhere that improved wear resistance for light to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic combined with an architectural finish is necessary. Due to the use of the Bomanite Revealed binder, these highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options, including cost effective light-reflective formulations that will not require the use of white cement to reduce heat island effect.

Bomanite Revealed is intended for both new construction and major renovation projects. Bomanite Revealed is commonly installed as a full-depth, slab-on-grade pours or an unbonded section topping of 3” or greater over membrane applications. The specialized design of the binder along with placing and finishing are critical to the success of the finished product.

Topically applied products such as Bomanite Con-Color and Bomanite Chemical Stain are compatible with Bomanite Revealed.