Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems

The Patène Teres system utilizes Bomanite Chemical Stains and Bomanite Concrete Dyes to color fully cured concrete as part of the polishing process. The concrete slab typically starts out as uncolored gray or for some applications have Bomanite Integral Color in the concrete or had Bomanite Color Hardener applied to the surface during concrete placement and finishing. The floor is ground then stained or dyed and then processed as per the standard VitraFlor System. The primary benefit of Bomanite Patène Teres is the ability to add topical color to the concrete in a wide range of colors and looks. The use of skilled saw cutting techniques to achieve patterns or designs in conjunction with the Patène Teres process can transform concrete into art. From simple monotone shades through bright and vibrant colors, the final appearance can be metropolitan chic or variegated and rustic. Patène Teres by Bomanite is intended primarily for new construction or major renovation projects.