Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems

Bomanite’s Custom Polishing System, Renaissance by Bomanite, provides a lustrous finish to floors made with our premium Bomanite Integral Color. Color-saturation, the hallmark of our integrally colored floors, is unsurpassed with this one-time finish. For rich color at a reasonable cost, this is the perfect finish for any newly designed surface.

The Renaissance system incorporates Bomanite Integral Color into the concrete prior to placement and finishing of the floor. Once cured the concrete is processed as per the standard VitraFlor System. The primary benefit to Bomanite Renaissance is the simplicity of installation. With no topical dyes or products needed to achieve color in the floor, the process is much like polishing uncolored concrete. This makes the system more efficient to install compared to other more labor intensive coloring systems Renaissance by Bomanite is intended primarily for new construction or major renovation projects.