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Bomanite Newsletter May 2021

Bomanite  Newsletter May 2021


Our Bomanite Toppings Systems is a revolutionary approach to designing with architectural concrete. Comprised of several overlays, cementitious toppings and protective coatings and colorants, the Bomanite Toppings Systems is versatile enough to create customized patterns and graphical designs while meeting tight deadlines and budget constraints. Please take a look at some amazing past projects and design ideas…

Cerner Corp Innovations Campus – Kansas City, MO

Bomanite Toppings Systems were utilized at the new Cerner campus in Kansas City by Bomanite Licensee Musselman and Hall Contractors, LLC. Their installation of Micro-Top XT® with Nickel Gray Integral Color in a broom finish and Micro-Top ST with French Gray Integral Color created consistency in application and color and mirrored the window and sheathing pattern on the buildings. The attention to detail and skillful installation by Musselman and Hall resulted in a stunning and eye-catching entryway and earned them the 2020 Gold Award for Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project….READ MORE

Eastland Community Transit Center – Charlotte, NC

With help from local Bomanite Licensee, Carolina Bomanite Corp., the city of Charlotte, NC said goodbye to standard gray concrete by incorporating a variety of colorful decorative concrete elements into the design of the Eastland Community Transit Center. Carolina Bomanite used Bomanite Micro-Top XT® to bring Elizabeth Indianos, a local artist, vision to life by adding creative colors and an intricate curvilinear design to the open-air plaza of the facility that links nearby travel destinations…..READ MORE