Residential Pool Deck – Edina, MN

Striving for something with a “wow” factor, the homeowners of this remarkable pool area in this upscale suburban Twin Cities retreat wanted something that was both unique and functional with crisp clean lines. They contacted Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts and chose Bomanite Revealed for their project. Notice the sharp edges of the square concrete coping along with the stark brightness the white color encompasses. Blending a unique material with the natural stone retaining walls was the driving force behind the final selections and the result was a spectacular success.

Residential Patio – Hudson, WI

Residential homeowner, Vince Ginn contacted Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Concrete Arts to get ideas for his patio and sidewalk in Hudson, WI. He visited their showroom and immediately fell in love with a pebbled stream that flows through their parking lot. Tom Graf, owner of Concrete Arts worked with the client to create a custom look using pebbles at the entrance of his home. To compliment the pebbles, a Bomanite Exposed Aggregate look was used, Revealed by Bomanite.

No color was added to the Sidewalk and Patio finish. Just a white base cement with a Salt and Pepper aggregate was used. Tom suggested keeping the River view side of the home a simple revealed look while creating a “wow” factor to the road side. They decided to integrate Mexican Beach Pebbles in a diamond shape.

Concrete Arts poured the front walk way. To get the diamond shape they cut the specific dimensions into a piece of plywood and marked out the areas with a string line. Next, they hand placed the pebbles into the concrete following the marked areas. To press in the pebbles, they used the plywood to step down on the rocks to the desired depth, creating a unique entrance into the clients home.

MSU Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center


Project Description:

The Metropolitan State University worked with Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts in establishing the best flooring and paving options for the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center. The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center on the Brooklyn Park campus of Hennepin Technical College won the 2011 International Interior Design Award FAB (Fresh, Artistic, Brilliant) award.

Bomanite Modena TG
The Modena Polished System TG used specialty aggregates and integral color mixed in to a 3/4” topping. MSU chose Slate Gray and local aggregates, Rib Mountain Red, Violetta, and Salt and Pepper Granites. A “sheen” effect was added with a touch of Mother of Pearl which is ground oyster shells.

Stair Treads
LifeTime Floors precast material was used to create stair treads, risers, and landing platforms. Custom molds were made to cast stairs in one monolithic piece utilizing the same specialty aggregates as the Modena Polished floor. Stairs were honed, polished and sandblast stenciled creating a non-slip stair nosing.

Bomanite Revealed
Bomanite Revealed was chosen for the exterior application. The process involves a thin layer of specialty aggregates, plastizers, air, and tinted cement. The surfaces is washed to expose and reveal the specialty aggregates in the mix. MSU chose to match the color and aggregates used in the Modena Flooring to keep a consistent look from interior to exterior

The Spire

Spire Lofts combine modern design with LEED certified elements that provide style and eco-friendly residences. Amenities include multiple swimming pools, a multi-media theater and elevated dog park, ground level retail, restaurants and coffee shops.

Client Need:
The Spire, a 42-story glass residential tower in the heart of downtown Denver, wanted to upgrade its 9th floor public space, patio, and amenities deck. They were looking for an updated and inviting statement. While looking at the paving options at the Colorado Hardscapes Concrete Design Center, the owners came across a sample that was just what they were looking for.

For the bulk of the paving, 11,000 sq. ft. of patios and public space, they chose a Sandstone integral color broom finish. This offered the inviting element they were looking for.

The 700 sq. ft. amenities deck took on a more eclectic and upbeat look with a Bright White Bomanite Revealed base embedded with white and crystal rock. A floating walkway, comprised of sixty-five 2’ x 2’ stepping stones, completed the new look.

The Commons at Baltimore Alley

The Commons was commissioned by the Art in the Loop Foundation with assistance from DST Systems, Inc., Master Realty Properties Inc., Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP and the City of Kansas City, Missouri. The Commons at Baltimore Alley, located in Kansas City, MO is part of a larger pedestrian alleyway system that links key businesses and neighborhoods to important downtown destinations including the Downtown Public Library, the Lyric Theater and the KCATA Transit Plaza. A local artist team, Julia Cole & Leigh Rosser, transformed the dark alley into an intriguing public space. Their winning concept places colorful, functional contemporary art elements throughout the alley, including limestone-rock styled seating, designed concrete, and new lighting.

The artists found their design inspiration after researching the historical ecology of the Kansas City river region. They used environmentally friendly materials, such as Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate Systems, to reimagine a natural setting without impersonating nature, while creating an innovative urban gathering space.

Bomanite Licensee, Mussleman and Hall worked with the artists to bring their vision to life and to help them promote their goal of using recycled, recyclable or low-impact materials by using recycled color glass for the Bomanite Revealed designed concrete installation. Recycled aggregates such as glass or vitrified slag used decoratively in the finished concrete surface can contribute to LEED credit.

Manion Park Water Playground

Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. worked with Alaback Design Associates to specify Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate System to produce a slip resistant surface for a splash pad on the City of Tulsa, Parks Department project Manion Park.

Manion Park Splash pad used recycled glass as the aggregate to produce the vibrant paving option that offered excellent slip resistance for kids on the playground. Saw-cuts where placed between colors to produce a clean break point for each color on the 2,800 SF splash pad.

Downtown Marriott Hotel – Renovations

The exterior improvements package recently completed at the Downtown Marriott involved an extensive renovation of the hotel’s entrance and façade. Hotel guests will undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful new finishes as they approach the front entrance. Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors was responsible for the architectural hardscapes as well as the improvements in the public right-of-way. The scope of work included, in part, the placement of nearly 16,000 SF of integrally colored Bomanite Sandscape Texture sidewalk and paving, and 2,500 SF of Bomanite Revealed sidewalk and paving at the main entrance.

Prior to the start of the project, during the mock-up process, Musselman & Hall Contractors worked closely with Joe Mika of 360 Architecture and hotel management to craft the right combination of colors, aggregates, and finishes to be implemented in the project. After multiple meetings and sample reviews, Mussleman & Hall created the perfect hardscape finishes to blend seamlessly with the other beautiful finishes associated with the project.

Like most projects which involve major renovations to fully functioning facilities, the Downtown Marriott renovation project presented unique challenges. In order to maintain the hotel’s operations, the work had to be phased in such a way that guests could still get in and out of the hotel with limited disruption. Constant coordination and communication was necessary between all team members to complete the work in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the owner.

Standing Bear Museum



Landplan Consultants Inc. approached Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc, for assistance with developing the decorative pavement for Standing Bear Museum/Osage Nation Byway Interpretive Center Improvements in early 2012. An attempt by another concrete contractor had been made, but was unable to keep the project under budget. While working closely with the architect, Bomanite of Tulsa proposed using Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite with accent colors using Con-Color by Bomanite. The riverbed and trail where highlighted using Exposed Revealed by Bomanite glass series.

Centennial Center Park

The 11-acre, award winning, Centennial Center Park provides a variety of features and amenities for the community’s use. Designed for year-round family-friendly enjoyment, Centennial Center Park includes a large, covered shelter with gas fireplace and a smaller, more intimate coffee shelter for smaller gatherings.

Children of all ages will find hours of fun on one of three climbing walls, two expansive, age-appropriate play areas and the Nautilus water play area in the center of the Park. Ideally situated on a slight bluff adjacent to Centennial Civic Center, Centennial Center Park also features “butte” and “meadow” nature areas, three decorative water fountains and a two-story covered shelter to overlook the plaza or enjoy a spectacular Centennial sunset.

The Park’s unique design is intended to convey the passage of time, this concept is articulated through the integration of arches, spirals and curves into the park’s structures and many unique features. The Nautilus shape formed by the central playground complex is a prominent example of this theme.

The Park features various historical and educational elements as well. The main plaza showcases the historical timeline of the Cherry Creek Basin, including fun facts and a map of the Cherry Creek Watershed. The amphitheater’s design incorporates elements that represent the four periods of human history: Lithic, Archaic, Formative, and Classic. The “Colorado Statehood Walk” displays interesting facts about Colorado, while the “Viewfinder Walk” is an interactive trivia challenge that takes visitors on a quest throughout the Park– highlighting unique points of interests both inside and outside of the Park. Not just a place to play, but also a place to learn, Centennial Center Park is a treasure-trove of history and trivia.

Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly

Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly (formerly known as Chateau Carre) consists of 150 one and two-bedroom apartments in two buildings on a full block site in the Gentilly neighborhood. Originally built in 1964, this brick building was damaged during hurricane Katrina. Immediately after the storm, it was gutted, remediated, and provided with a new roof to preserve its integrity. The interiors of this development have been completely rebuilt, offering new apartments at a development cost that is significantly less than the cost of new development.

Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of New Orleans was tasked with creating a walkway that was durable, cost effective and provided some artistic appeal. Bomanite Revealed was installed with a gray tint to give some cohesiveness to the locally sourced Cobalt Blue glass aggregates, providing a unique walkway throughout the courtyard.