Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly

Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly (formerly known as Chateau Carre) consists of 150 one and two-bedroom apartments in two buildings on a full block site in the Gentilly neighborhood. Originally built in 1964, this brick building was damaged during hurricane Katrina. Immediately after the storm, it was gutted, remediated, and provided with a new roof to preserve its integrity. The interiors of this development have been completely rebuilt, offering new apartments at a development cost that is significantly less than the cost of new development.

Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of New Orleans was tasked with creating a walkway that was durable, cost effective and provided some artistic appeal. Bomanite Revealed was installed with a gray tint to give some cohesiveness to the locally sourced Cobalt Blue glass aggregates, providing a unique walkway throughout the courtyard.