Residential Pool Deck – Edina, MN

Striving for something with a “wow” factor, the homeowners of this remarkable pool area in this upscale suburban Twin Cities retreat wanted something that was both unique and functional with crisp clean lines. They contacted Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts and chose Bomanite Revealed for their project. Notice the sharp edges of the square concrete coping along with the stark brightness the white color encompasses. Blending a unique material with the natural stone retaining walls was the driving force behind the final selections and the result was a spectacular success.

The Spire

Spire Lofts combine modern design with LEED certified elements that provide style and eco-friendly residences. Amenities include multiple swimming pools, a multi-media theater and elevated dog park, ground level retail, restaurants and coffee shops.

Client Need:
The Spire, a 42-story glass residential tower in the heart of downtown Denver, wanted to upgrade its 9th floor public space, patio, and amenities deck. They were looking for an updated and inviting statement. While looking at the paving options at the Colorado Hardscapes Concrete Design Center, the owners came across a sample that was just what they were looking for.

For the bulk of the paving, 11,000 sq. ft. of patios and public space, they chose a Sandstone integral color broom finish. This offered the inviting element they were looking for.

The 700 sq. ft. amenities deck took on a more eclectic and upbeat look with a Bright White Bomanite Revealed base embedded with white and crystal rock. A floating walkway, comprised of sixty-five 2’ x 2’ stepping stones, completed the new look.

Central East High School Pool Complex



Due to an issue with extensive epoxy bubbling and delamination, Central Unified School District was interested in removing and replacing a large portion of the existing pool deck around the competition, activity and receiving pools and replacing it with a solid surface with a non-slip finish.

Bomanite Licensee, Heritage Bomanite bid and won the job and proposed a Bomanite Sandscape Texture Exposed Aggregate finish due to its durability and non-slip qualities. The district accepted Heritage Bomanite’s suggestion after examining the on-site samples that were poured. Work progressed for just under three months during which a wide array of work was completed, including the installation of over 13,000 SF of Bomanite Sandscape concrete with an exposed sand finish.

The complete scope of work included the demolition and removal of the existing epoxy coated concrete, the installation of 550 LF of 2’ cantilevered nose around the competition pool, replacing the slot drains with 1045 LF of PolyCast drain with removable tops, the installation of 2600 LF of self leveling joint sealant and 84 LF of non-sag underwater joint sealant, the installation of all depth marker and water polo tiles, and the installation of over 90 anchors for various diving platforms, hand rails, and water polo goals and stanchions.

Private Residence Pool Deck – Omaha, NE

Bomanite Imprint Licensee, Stephens and Smith Construction worked with the homeowner to select the overall design, patterns and colors for their patio and pool deck renovation. The homeowners existing concrete and stoops had a spray texture overlay and stenciled brick borders in a pinwheel design. The owners had seen stamped concrete and were interested in changing their deck and giving it a fresh new look.

Stephens and Smith demo’d the existing deck and was able to dispose of all the rubble on site, saving the homeowner in disposal fees. The demo did take a few extra days due to the uneven real brick that was discovered under the overlay. Once all was removed, Stephens and Smith was able to regrade and place the concrete in four pours that had to be transported 160’ to 200’ due to the length of the driveway and expansive 20 acre lot. The concrete was stamped with a Slate Texture and 8” Brick Border for an updated clean and inviting backyard space.

Stephens and Smith Construction provides quality products installed by quality people. With two locations in Nebraska, Stephens and Smith offers a variety of decorative concrete products and systems, and are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service.

Private Residence Pool Deck – Inver Grove Heights, MN



Bulach Custom Rock worked with the owners to choose the best finish for their pool deck and backyard patio area. The residential project consisted of a pool deck, gazebo pad multiple patio areas and a large set of steps formed in the hill, with a slight curve leading down to the pool deck that received a bull nose finish.

Over 2,400 square feet of Sand and Desert Tan Bomanite Color Hardener and a Bomacron Slate Texture were installed to provide durability, excellent wear resistance and fade resistance. Bomanite Color Hardener is the most effective coloring method to achieve your desired results in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron Imprinted concrete surfaces.

Private Residence Patio and Pool Deck – Sandy, UT



The homeowners of a private residence in Sandy, Utah worked with Bomanite Licensee, Architectural Concrete & Design for their backyard pool and patio hardscape. This outdoor area has a pool deck, waterfall feature, fire pit, several patio spaces and stairs that received a cohesive decorative concrete design using the Bomanite Imprint System with several standout coloring techniques.

The pool deck and upper patio were poured and the concrete colored with Bomanite Coquina Color Hardener and then a sweat textured finish was applied. Once the color hardened concrete was cured, multiple coats of Bomanite Chemical Stain in Pine and Ebony were applied and then to create the grid design, sawcuts were made in a 4′ 6″ pattern. The pool coping and waterfall feature were stained to compliment the rock surround on the waterfall.

The lower patio deck, stairs and fire pit were stamped with the Bomacron Slate Texture mat to provide a simple separation but collective design with the pool deck area. Bomanite Desert Tan Color Hardener and several Bomanite Release Agents in Autumn Brown, Light Brown and Mexican Tile were applied.

The homeowners were thrilled with the overall Bomanite backyard design and how it complimented and integrated with the landscaping of rock walls, creek beds and walking paths.

University Village Apartments Pool Deck



Bomanite Licensee, Jeffco Concrete Contractors, Inc. located in Tuscaloosa, AL worked with the Blakeney Company to install almost 9,000 square feet of Bomacron Imprinted Concrete. The pattern chosen was large Ashlar Slate for the pool decking of the University Village Apartments.

Residents at the University Village Apartments have a choice of 8 pools to swim in, lounge in and even to play pool in. Bomanite Coquina Color Hardener was used with a mixture of Bomanite Release Agent of Sand and White to achieve the cohesive colors and provide the realistic look of slate.

The light colors chosen for the pool decking also contain a higher solar reflectance. Solar Reflectance is the ratio of the amount of solar radiation reflected from a material to the amount shone on the material. The higher the Solar Reflectance the greater the amount of light from both ultraviolet and the visible spectrum is reflected from the substrate. This is also known as Albedo. The Bomanite Color Hardeners and Release Agents in this project would qualify for a LEED rated project.

Grand Rios Waterpark



Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Bulach Custom Rock, create handicap accessible ramps for one of the Midwest’s Largest Indoor Waterparks in Greater Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota.

Bulach Custom Rock scope of work included the set up and pour of approximately 11,000 sq.ft. of Bomcaron Imprinted Concrete with one 70’ handicap ramp, one 30’ handicap ramp with monolithic bridge, pan steps, a 60’ walking bridge, and two 8 riser sets of steps, along with over 2,000 lineal feet of Steigmeier pool coping poured monolithically with the deck.

Bomacron Slate Texture areas were poured using Bomanite Coquina Color hardener for the base color, then the areas were accented using a specialty color, Bulach Bronze, developed by Bomanite. Once these areas were imprinted, the pool coping was finished using a Bulach Bronze slurry and given a light sand finish. The pool copings were finished while there was water in the pools and river. This portion of the work was completed using a duck boat tied off in different areas. The Bomacron wood plank pattern areas were poured using a Taupe Integral color. These areas were stained the following day with Bomanite Forest Brown Con-Color.

The water park posed additional challenges, such as; designing a monolithic concrete ramp and bridge to accommodate wheelchairs to the upper hot tub, pouring of concrete using 5-gallon buckets due to inaccessibility of pumps or other delivery systems caused by water factors, and working to assure the slope of the decks flowed to over 1,000 feet of deco drain and 27’ panned floor drains. Bulach Custom Rock utilized their skills and expertise knowledge to overcome the challenges and provide the client with the final product.

The Caribbean Beach Resort – Old Port Royal Swimming Pool

The Caribbean Beach Resort – Old Port Royal Swimming Pool won an Honorable Mention Award in the Best Bomanite Imprint Commercial Project category in Bomanite’s 2008 Annual Project Award Contest.

Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Edwards Concrete Company completed in 2008 The Caribbean Beach Resort Pool Feature Upgrade at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Disney wanted to remodel the swimming pool area to be themed like an old fort somewhere in The Caribbean. Edwards used 408 yards of concrete and over 5,000 feet of lumber, and 34 tons of rebar to build and pour fort walls, a waterslide feature, remodeled the restrooms, light pole bases, and a kid’s water park area. Edwards also formed stamped, colored and  finished the swimming pool deck with a Bomanite Coquina stamp, Limestone color and a walnut release for a total of 22,000 sq. ft. The Edwards Concrete team spent more than 6,000 hours on this project. Work was started in March and finished in September to achieve their deadlines. The project theme was a success and gave the client the Caribbean feel they desired.

Steichen Residence

The owners of the home were looking for a low maintenance pool deck that would complement the existing architecture of their 80 year-old house. They were also concerned with choosing quality products and having them installed by highly skilled and licensed decorative concrete professionals. They found the best in Bomanite and looked to the local Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Harriman’s Bomanite for the job.

Harriman’s Bomanite provides quality products installed by quality people. The family owned company, based out of Spencer, IN, offers a variety of decorative concrete products and systems, and are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service. Offering everything from imprinted concrete (Bomanite Imprint Systems, the original cast-in-place, colored and imprinted architectural concrete paving), toppings systems (Patène Artectura) to exposed aggregate systems and Grasscrete, Harriman’s Bomanite has the architectural concrete solution for you.